Benefits Of Installing A Safety Cover On Your Swimming Pool


One major factor that hinders people from turning a backyard into an oasis of their dreams is safety. While pools offer a prime location for families, pets, and friends to bond and spend time together, failing to take proper precautions can result in an individual being thrust into harm’s way. Children are a handful to say the very least, and they can disappear on a parent in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, these happenings often result in little ones finding their way into the backyard with a pool. Falling into the open water can lead to minor or more severe injuries, even including loss of life. Install a safety cover to secure the area, if for nothing else, only the peace-of-mind. Continue reading “Benefits Of Installing A Safety Cover On Your Swimming Pool”

Why Is A Spa A Good Investment This Holiday Season?

the-reasons-why-a-spa-is-a-good -investment-for-shickshinny-residents- this-holiday-seasonMany people hate having to close their pools due to the frigid temps and winter weather. They rely on the oasis to stay in shape, as well as, for relaxing and unwinding after a hard day’s work. Swimming pools are perfect for throwing parties to spend time with friends, family members, and neighbors. However, the chilly wintertime conditions cause the pool to become closed until the next season, which results in all of the events being put on hold. If these effects leave you feeling blue, don’t fret, and instead consider investing in a spa this holiday season. Continue reading “Why Is A Spa A Good Investment This Holiday Season?”

Ways That A Spa Can Improve One’s Life

Ways That A Spa Can Improve One's LifeThere are vast numbers of benefits available to spa owners. They are great for relaxing and unwinding by yourself or with companions. Different models offer various attributes, from numerous seating arrangements to specific numbers of jets, and we have a large selection available for viewing on our Luzerne showroom floor. Feel free to swing by and take a look, or call and schedule an appointment with our professional staff for an in-depth consultation. There are multiple shades and designs to choose from to accommodate existing decor schemes and family sizes. Continue reading “Ways That A Spa Can Improve One’s Life”

Advantages Of Owning An Above Ground Pool In Luzerne

Advantages Of Owning An Above Ground Pool In LuzerneDecisions, decisions, and more decisions. It seems as if the possibilities are never-ending when it comes to swimming pool designs. As a person thinks about a backyard oasis, one of the first images that likely pops into their mind is that of a traditional, rectangular, Olympic-style pool. However, not all styles go in the ground, and more and more residents are opting for above ground pools to meet their swimming needs. Our professional team offers consultations, sales, and installation of both, steel and aluminum designs. We will exceed your expectations with exceptional customer service, while professionally installing the pool of your dreams. Continue reading “Advantages Of Owning An Above Ground Pool In Luzerne”

The Benefits Of Pool School To Shickshinny Backyard Oasis Owners

The Benefits Of Pool School To Shickshinny Backyard Oasis OwnersChoosing to have an above swimming pool installed is a big decision. This area offers a place to relax, unwind, and melt away the rigors from the day. It also provides you with a location to exercise and improve personal hygiene. However, not all Shickshinny residents are knowledgeable on how to properly maintain the chemical balances, filter changes, and other cleaning-related aspects. These actions help the water stay crystal clear or promote algae growth while leaving it looking murky and unpleasant. Allow our team of professionals to teach you the ins and outs of pool school, while they keep pool H2O looking its best. Continue reading “The Benefits Of Pool School To Shickshinny Backyard Oasis Owners”

Reasons To Upgrade Outdated Pool Equipment With LED Lighting

Reasons To Upgrade Outdated Pool Equipment With LED LightingLighting is an essential tool for creating an aesthetically appealing atmosphere, that doubles as a safe environment for night swimming. LED lights offer a variety of different benefits to consumers that conventional pool lamps just can’t match. They are available in a wide range of colors to let your unique style shine, or you can keep it simple with traditional white or clear shades. This type of pool equipment illuminates brightly and helps guests see, to prevent injuries, while you are hosting parties. Continue reading “Reasons To Upgrade Outdated Pool Equipment With LED Lighting”

Why Letting The Pros Handle Your Pool Closing Is So Important

Why Letting The Pros Handle Your Pool Closing Is So Important If you’re a Shickshinny or Luzerne area resident and you own a pool, there’s a good chance that it’s one of the biggest investments you’ve made in your home. Because of this, taking care of it properly is incredibly important. Maintenance throughout the season is obviously important, but as the warm days draw to a close it’s time to start considering the process of closing down your pool for the year. Continue reading “Why Letting The Pros Handle Your Pool Closing Is So Important”

Protect your back while closing your pool

36455544 - young adult man, personnel cleaning the pool from leavesIt’s closing time!! That is, it’s the time of year where backyard swimming pool owners are starting to close up shop for the season … or at least making plans to do so.

Unless you’re a new pool owner, you most likely have this process down to a science. You prep you gear. Make sure you’re not missing anything and have everything ready to go. If you ARE a new pool owner, click here (it’ll help!)

Irrespective of you pool ownership tenure, though, it’s always important to remember that protecting your swimming pool over the non-swimming months comes SECOND to protecting yourself.

Put another way: you shouldn’t injure yourself while closing your pool … this is especially important to remember if you are one of the estimated 80 percent of Americans adults who have suffered from back pain in their life.

With the pervasiveness of this sort of injury, it’s paramount that pool owners focus on injury prevention while closing and winterizing their swimming pool. Remember, this process involves picking up boxes of chemicals, wielding awkward brushes and nets, lugging around hoses and pool covers and ultimately, repeatedly bending over and twisting at the waist.

The good news is that using proper technique while completing these tasks will all but eliminate your risk of injury.

Click here to get some simple, easy-to-follow tips for protecting your back while closing your pool (or doing anything else for that matter!).

The Basics Of Pool Construction

The Basics Of Pool ConstructionMaking the decision to install a pool in your home is something that we know can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to it, which is why if you’re considering pool construction Shickshinny residents should have a basic idea of just what to expect.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the key elements of pool construction in Shickshinny. It should help give you the clearest picture of what will happen on the road to your backyard oasis. Continue reading “The Basics Of Pool Construction”