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10 Common Pool Closing Mistakes To Avoid

Pool Opening / Closing
10 Common Pool Closing Mistakes To Avoid

10 Pool Closing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Keep your pool ready for summer fun by avoiding these 10 pool closing mistakes. With proper pool maintenance before winter, opening your pool next year will be much easier.

1. Not Scrubbing Your Pool

Even if your pool looks clean, you should still thoroughly scrub it. Hard-to-reach areas around ladders, filters, and corners can foster algae and bacteria that thrive even in colder months.

2. Not Cleaning and Drying Equipment

Before winter, dry any pool equipment. Water expands as it freezes, cracking pool pumps, filters, and hoses.

3. Draining Pools

An empty pool means no damage from ice, right? Actually, having water in your pools can protect walls from shrinkage, wind damage, and cracks as the grounds compress and expand. See how much water to leave in the pool in the fourth common mistake people make to follow..

4. Leaving Too Much Water

Because freezing water expands, it’s important to drain some water from your pool. Keep water 4 to 6 inches below your skimmer, but you should consult a pool professional for your proper level for your pool and environmental conditions.

5. Not Using A Pool Pillow

If you are not using a security winter cover and you are using a standard cover instead, a pool pillow is highly recommended. While a pool cover keeps out debris, placing a pool pillow under it keeps litter from expanding towards and damaging walls after you winterize your pool.

6. Running the Filter Too Little

Before closing your pool, you should run your filter for up to 24 hours each day. This reduces stains and damage from algae and bacteria.

7. Improper Chemical Balance and Handling

Proper chemicals are the cornerstone for healthy swimmers and clean pools. Between adjusting chlorine and pH levels, chemical usage can be complicated. Consult professionals and safety regulations to balance sanitation with personal safety.

8. Not Shocking

Covered pools can breed bacteria without proper pool sanitation. To kill organic contaminants, super-chlorinate your pool with pool shock. 

9. Neglecting Your Filter

Before closing your pool, make sure your filter is clean with a backwash. With your energy off for the winter, the gunk behind your pool filter can contaminate otherwise clean water.

10. Not Taking Stock of Supplies

As the end of the season closes in, take stock of your pool closing supplies. Because pool closing is often time-sensitive, you don’t want to be short on proper chemicals, fasteners, and other equipment.

Avoid Pool Closing Mistakes and Trust Skovish Pools With Professional Pool Closing Services

Knowing how to clean your pool and winterize it can seem like a full-time job. For more than 50 years, Skovish Pools and Spas has provided professional pool service in Shickshinny and pool service in Luzerne as well as the counties of Luzerne, Montour, Columbia, Monroe, Carbon, Lackawanna, Sullivan and Wyoming.

Whether you need a pool inspection, pool supplies, pool cleaning, or professional pool closing services, trust Skovish.

From turning your backyard into a summer oasis to routine pool maintenance, Skovish’s passion for pools and spas shines with fast service and top-of-the-line equipment. Contact us today to confidently close your pool this season.

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