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15 Amazing Swimming Pool Designs For Small Yards

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15 Amazing Swimming Pool Designs For Small Backyards

Swimming Pool Designs

If you and your family love swimming and spending time at the pool but don’t have lots of space in your yard, don’t worry! There are several small backyard pool ideas to choose from when you want a relaxing oasis on your property. Here are a few suggestions for pool designs that are just for small yards. You can choose what you like best, depending on the amount of space you have and your sense of style.

1. Stone or Tile Borders

A border around a pool made of stone or tile is a great way to add texture to the pool space while giving the area a sophisticated look. When you’re creating designs for pools for small spaces, marble stone or stone with a glossy or holographic finish makes an attractive and versatile border. You can also make this pool look more appealing with an understated yet well-manicured yard.

2. Plants In the Pool

Another attractive design idea for pools for small spaces is to fill rows of flower pots with small palm trees or ferns, connecting them on one side of the pool. This doesn’t take up extra room in the yard and gives the pool a relaxing, tropical feel.

3. Geometric Design

If you want a pool but have limited space, you may want to try breaking the pool up into sections that create a shallow (or “kiddie”) pool and an adult pool within the same structure. You can finish the look with a partial wall that also has clean angles to make the area minimalist and modern.

4. Seating

Have a bench or stools installed around the pool so that everyone will have a place to sit. This is a stylish and practical choice since you won’t have to worry about purchasing large lawn chairs. The seating you install can also match the stone texture of the pool border if you choose to add this feature.

5. Fencing

Building a stone border or a stylish metal fence around the pool will keep children from getting into the pool unattended. The fence also helps to emphasize that the pool is the main feature of the yard and can even help keep small animals from having access to the pool.

6. Lighting

Lights on the edge of the pool or in the corners look wonderful at night and help to make the pool look a little bigger. You can even add colored lights to make the pool area unique.

7. Cabana

Small inground pools for small yards are more inviting with a cabana area. You can have a cabana built according to the size of your yard. Adding a small sofa and decorative curtains around the cabana make this a feature everyone will enjoy.

8. Waterfalls

A waterfall built into the pool, regardless of the size, can make you feel like you’re at a resort every time you go swimming. You can also install the waterfall in the center of the pool to make it look a little bigger.

9. Pool Shape

Another important detail in designing pools for small spaces is pool shape. The shape of the pool can add visual appeal to your pool space while complimenting the shape of your yard. If a standard square shape isn’t right for your yard, try a long rectangular shape or a half-circle, depending on your style preferences.

10. Green Wall

Plant lush green or colorful shrubs around the pool for a tropical look and to create a protective border around the pool.

11. Hot Tub

Hot tubs are typically smaller than pools, allowing you to make the water especially warm. This makes the pool area tranquil and helps you save space.

12. Firepit

A firepit is one of the best ways to stay warm if you want to use the pool during the cooler months of the year. You can add stone or metal accents to your firepit to suit your tastes.

13. Lawn Designs

15 Amazing Swimming Pool Designs For Small Yards

Manicuring the lawn to create a checkerboard design or your family monogram makes a small pool look more refined.

14. Above-Ground Pools

You may be able to save yard space with an above-ground pool, particularly one that you can move during the colder months of the year. There are several sophisticated designs to choose from, which means you can get wood siding or other customized materials.

15. Potted Plants

Positioning large potted plants around the pool makes the pool look like a tropical oasis, even if the pool is small. You can also use synthetic plants depending on the climate in your area.

Looking For Help With Pool Designs?

Skovish Pools & Spas can help you. We have created so many amazing swimming pool designs for small yards over our many years in the pool builder industry. We have 2 locations, one in Luzerne, PA, and the other in Shickshinny, PA.  You can stop in, give us a call or contact us here to learn more.  We would love for your backyard to join our portfolio of amazing pool designs.

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