The Right Depth For Your Pool

Finding The Right Depth

Finding The Right DepthWhen you are getting ready to design or build the swimming pool of your dreams, there is a lot of questions you will need to ask yourself. What pool features are you considering? How much maintenance work are you willing to do? Are you planning to use your swimming pool for exercise, fun, or both? What kind of safety features are out on the market?

However, one of the most important questions you will need to ask yourself is ‘what is the right depth for my pool needs?’. Continue reading “Finding The Right Depth”

The Hot Tub Benefits You Won’t Want To Miss

The Hot Tub Benefits You Won’t Want To MissMaybe you were looking to update your swimming pool or decided that you deserve your own spa in the convenience of your own backyard. No matter what your reasoning might be, investing in a hot tub is always a great decision.

Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer? It’s all a great idea!

Did you know that the number one reason why people love a nice soak in the hot tub is to reduce stress? Continue reading “The Hot Tub Benefits You Won’t Want To Miss”

3 Reasons Your Pool Should Be Heated

3 Reasons Your Pool Should Be HeatedThe winter season is only a few months away and people have already begun to throw on their coziest sweaters and grab a nice hot cup of cocoa. While winter does come with its own benefits, it has plenty of downsides too including having to put away the pool for next spring.

Unless you have the advantages of owning your very own heated swimming pool! Continue reading “3 Reasons Your Pool Should Be Heated”

The one form of fitness almost everyone can do


For anyone who suffers a bad back, aching knees or overall joint pain, just getting around every day can seem like a challenge. But unfortunately, even though you may have these problems, your doctor will still probably recommend you get some kind of exercise. Pool time to the rescue! (But check with your physician before beginning any fitness program, of course).

Range of motion

Many people, such as senior citizens, have what is known as “decreased range of motion” (this can also happen after injuring a certain part of the body). Basically, it means certain parts aren’t as flexible as they used to be or don’t bend and turn as easily. Exercising in water can help, since it allows you to gently increase your range of motion, bit by bit.

Don’t get out of joint

Pressure on joints is one of the chief causes of pain in those areas. But doing fitness activities in water can take pressure off painful joints, allowing a freedom of movement you may never have enjoyed otherwise.

Exercise at your own pace

Unlike machines that you can’t keep up with (face-plant on a treadmill, anyone?) or lifting weights that seem impossibly heavy, water allows you to work at your own pace. Who cares if everyone else completes a marathon on their stationary bike? You’re gliding by in your own blissful, water-filled world!