Protect your skin

61837584 - protect sunscreen applied to the face of cute young girlAll summer, you were vigilant. You slathered everyone in sight with high-SPF sunblock. Now winter is here, and the sunblock is packed away with swimsuits, goggles and inflatable pool toys. They’re in hibernation until you open the swimming pool again in the spring.

Without realizing it, you’ve opened yourself to the same risk factors that sent you running for sunblock in the first place, whether you’re hitting the slopes or soaking sore muscles in your Skovish spa. Here are a few reasons you should continue to protect your skin in cold temperatures:

  • The winter sun is sending down the same UVA rays that wreak havoc in the summer. These rays age your skin and raise the risk of skin cancer. Rays can also be reflected back onto your skin by snow. Don’t just put on some sunscreen, repeat the process as often as needed.
  • Don’t forget your beautiful smile. Those lips need serious protection from winter’s one-two punch of sun and wind. Consider a soothing lip balm that includes sunscreen.
  • Finally, give your body a helping hand. Eat vegetables and fruits such as peppers, watermelon and tomatoes that are high in antioxidants. They’re good news for your skin’s health.

In all, it’s just one more stress you can scratch off your list before soaking in your Skovish spa. (We heard that sigh of relief!)

Reasons To Consider A Pool and Spa Construction Now

Reasons To Consider A Pool and Spa Construction Now

Reasons To Consider A Pool and Spa Construction Now Pool and Spa Construction

The winter is just ramping up and you should probably start considering putting in a pool and spa. If this sounds crazy to you, hear us out.

We are not saying you should be out in your pool in Shickshinny or Luzerne PA right now, we are saying you should be prepared and save yourself stress when it comes to pool consideration later next year.

There are simply some construction constraints and options you should be considering, so why not do it now? Continue reading “Reasons To Consider A Pool and Spa Construction Now”

Why Hot Tubs Are Great For Your Body

Why Hot Tubs Are Great For Your Body Whether you are an athlete, have a laborious job or your family stressors are adding tension to your life using a hot tub is a proven way to release muscle tension and promote mental relaxation. The greatest athletes in the world utilize spa and heat therapies to relieve tension and promote healthy recovery. The most successful business people use spas to relax and clear their minds to better benefit their work. Parents around the world can get away from the stressors of running a family for a short time and enjoy themselves. Not to mention the numerous health benefits of having a spa available to you. Continue reading “Why Hot Tubs Are Great For Your Body”

Hot Tub Energy Saving Tips

Hot Tub Energy Saving Tips

Hot Tub Energy Saving TipsYou Are Sure To Save With These Hot Tub Energy Saving Tips

All hot tubs have one key element in common, which is keeping the water warm and comfortable for you and your guests. Unfortunately, hot tub heaters can take up a lot of electricity which can get expensive over time. Therefore, in order for you to keep the costs down, you will need to focus on conserving as much heat as you can.

Continue reading “Hot Tub Energy Saving Tips”