A Hot Tub Could Be Just What Your Pool Or Backyard Needs

A Hot Tub Could Be Just What Your Pool Or Backyard NeedsThere’s no question that adding a swimming pool to your home’s backyard is a perfect way to increase property values and to give you and your family a great way to relax and enjoy every minute of the summer. But sometimes, there just feels like there’s something missing. That something could be a hot tub.

The hot tubs Luzerne homes could feature are a perfect way to elevate a property even further, and provide plenty of unique benefits for you to enjoy. Just consider some of the things that a hot tub can do: Continue reading “A Hot Tub Could Be Just What Your Pool Or Backyard Needs”

Play by the rules

71213509 - group of children jumping into outdoor swimming poolSwimming season is almost here, and you’re probably in the middle of preparations. That’s true whether you’re installing a new Skovish pool or visiting our stores in Luzerne and Shickshinny for maintenance supplies.

Here’s something you might add to your list: a list, ironically enough, of your swimming pool rules.

Pool owners know well that a swimming pool draws family and friends to the backyard, especially when the Pennsylvania sun starts beating down. That’s one of a Skovish pool’s benefits, particularly if you love company—well-behaved company, that is.

Now is the time to establish which kinds of behavior are OK in your pool. Be specific. Although you might think it’s common sense to get out of the pool when you need to use the bathroom, others might need to see it in writing.

How about the cousin who shows up wearing the world’s skimpiest bathing suit? Now’s the time to tell her (or him) that this is a family affair. All swimmers should dress accordingly.

Here are a few tips to consider as you assemble your personal do’s and don’ts:

  • Alert all guests to the rules to avoid singling anyone out. Doing so also allows you to give fair warning rather than forcing you to chase down little runners or play tough guy after the fact. Come up with your list which, along with no running, might include no diving, no glassware, no peeing in the water, no unsupervised kids and no babies without swimming diapers.
  • Email your rules to the people who are most likely to share your pool this summer. You can open with a friendly welcome, remind them to call before coming over (and to bring their own towels!) and ask that they review the rules with others in their family. Close your note by letting them know you are looking forward to lots of fun this summer. That’s all you need to say!
  • OK, it’s not quite that easy. You might want to post the rules on your pool fence as a reminder. You’ll probably have to enforce a few of the rules. It comes with the territory. But because you gave advance notice, you can notify parents when their children break the rules.
  • Post on your fence a notice with CPR instructions and details about where First Aid and safety equipment are stored. Hopefully, you’ll never need them. But if an emergency occurs, it’s best to be prepared.

Happy swimming!

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Getting More From Your Pool

Getting More From Your Pool Making the decision to add a swimming pool to your home is something that can offer you tremendous benefits and help you and your family get more enjoyment out of your home. But while a pool can help you enjoy your time at home, there are plenty of things that can actually help you get even more from your pool. Whether you’re just starting new pool construction in Shickshinny or already have a pool and are thinking of giving it a little TLC, here are some of the key things to pay attention to. Continue reading “Getting More From Your Pool”

Summertime in the spa

21492697 - happy couple relaxing in hot tub. vacation.Are you one of the many people who puts their backyard spa on hiatus for the summer?

Say it isn’t so! With a few tweaks, your Skovish hot tub can become a destination for all seasons. In fact, summer might become your favorite season of all.

Here are some recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Turn the temperature down. Instead of aiming for 104 degrees Fahrenheit, go for somewhere between 85 and 90. You can also save on energy bills by letting the sun do what it does best. (But be sure to continue using your cover to prevent evaporation.)
  • Start using your spa in the early morning or late evening. Let its warming waters work out the day’s stresses. It can get your day off to a good start and set you up for a good night’s sleep.
  • Have it both ways. Drench a towel in cool water and wrap it around your neck or across your forehead as you slip into the hot tub. It’s a new level of feeling refreshed.
  • Remember to wear sunscreen just as you would in a pool, and be sure to stay hydrated. Give your spa some TLC by maintaining its chemical levels and by watching for algae. A little prevention goes a long way in saving you grief later on.

So what are you waiting for? Your summertime spa awaits.

Making Your Hot Tub A Fun Social Area

Making Your Hot Tub A Fun Social Area Hot tub parties are the new thing in Shickshinny. We don’t live in Arizona or somewhere with outdoor pool parties all year round. That doesn’t mean that the fun parties have to stop. Everyone loves a hot tub and you will be the cool kids on the block with the hot tub that has all the fun amenities. We often associate pools with summer fun for the kids but the hot tub is a more versatile backyard piece that should be considered for any fun family. Spas are ideal for all ages, especially those getting a little older. The heat and jets do wonders for circulation and joint stiffness. You can entertain friends while alleviating some of their aches and pains.  Continue reading “Making Your Hot Tub A Fun Social Area”