Getting The Most From Your New Pool Construction

Getting The Most From Your New Pool Construction Pool Construction in Shickshinny and Way Beyond

Shickshinny homes have a lot going for them – a great location, plenty of history, and lots of natural beauty and architectural charm surrounding them. But there are always ways to improve on a home, and considering new pool construction Shickshinny could be the perfect way to elevate your home even further. Continue reading “Getting The Most From Your New Pool Construction”

Poolside essentials

18531332 - life buoy on  a wooden paneled wall with copy spaceYour Skovish pool is in place, the water features bubbling, the landscape turning your backyard into a resort-like retreat.

While you probably went into this with the perfect bathing suit in hand, there’s still a little more shopping to do to make your poolscape complete. It’s time to accessorize, something you can do in a leisurely style as you get a feel for how you’ll use this new playground.

And you’ll find most of everything you need at our outlets in Luzerne and Shickshinny!

Here are few things to think about:

  • Safety first! In addition to the fundamental life buoy hanging on the gate, pick up a life hook and rescue pole. It’s fashioned to “hook” someone struggling in the water so that you can pull them to safety, even without their cooperation. When seconds count, it’s a life-saver. Other things to consider: a cell phone prominently placed and dedicated to calling 911, a plastic-encased poster showing how to perform CPR and, of course, a first-aid kit for the minor bumps and bruises that come along.
  • Make yourself comfortable! That’s key… not only should your patio furniture look good, but it should feel good, too. Of course, you’ll want it made of materials that withstand the weather, though you should still store it away for the winter. From there, look for versatility. An ottoman can double as seating when you have a crowd. And while you’ll want the occasional table, something you can use for an intimate pool-side brunch, you can also put benches to use in a pinch to set out an assortment of finger-foods at your next pool party. Another consideration: Look into an awning of sorts that will give you a shady corner. In the heat of summer, it’s a welcome chaser to a quick dip in the pool.
  • Let’s get this party going! From family-friendly affairs to cocktail hours, there are things you’ll want to keep close at hand. Start with unbreakable glasses; the last thing you want is broken glass underfoot. Gather an assortment of pool toys, noodles, inner-tubes, beach balls and more. A few floats are always fun; have you seen the one shaped like a huge slice of pizza? And toss in some goggles, swim boards and Coast Guard-approved life jackets for your novice guests. Finally, invest in a big, weather-proof storage bin where you can keep them when not in use.

This gives you a start; as time goes on, you can add the floatable Bluetooth speakers, mini-fridge, and other fun embellishments. Enjoy!

Top Reasons To Add A Hot Tub To Your Home

Top Reasons To Add A Hot Tub To Your Home Those living in Luzerne are already able to enjoy tremendous benefits thanks to their location. The rich history here combined with the scenic beauty and small town feel help give the town a feeling that few other places in this country can match.

But there are plenty of different ways that you can take additional steps to improve your home and your time there. One perfect example of how residents improve their lives is by adding hot tubs Luzerne to their home. With one simple investment, you can enjoy numerous benefits. Continue reading “Top Reasons To Add A Hot Tub To Your Home”