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2022 August Pool Closing Specials

Pool Opening / Closing
2022 August Pool Closing Specials, PA

PA Pool Closing Specials You Do Not Want To Miss

The average cost of an in-ground swimming pool is $35,000. This is a big investment, so you must ensure you take the best care of your pool over the colder months. 

Winterizing your pool is the best way to keep it in top condition. This is where pool closing season comes in handy! Moreover, you can get amazing deals on everything you need during the end-of-season sales. 

This article explains all you need to know about PA 2022 August pool closing specials from Aug 1 – 31st, 2022. But first, let’s take a quick tour of pool winterizing. That way, you can keep enjoying your backyard pool for many years.

How to Close a Pool for the Season

When the leaves start to turn brown, it says it is time to close your pool for the season. If you do a good job, you won’t get overwhelmed with maintenance tasks when next summer rolls around. 

It also helps to protect all the essential equipment your pool needs from freezing water.

Ensure the pool is clear from debris and as clean as possible. Clean out and backwash all the pumps and filters. Try to balance the chemicals in the water with the proper water pH and alkalinity. 

You may need to add some extra chemicals over winter to prevent scale and bacteria from building up. This could include having to shock and chlorinate your swimming pool.

You should also try and reduce the water level of the swimming pool. This helps stop the interior of your pool from getting damaged if the water freezes. Adding a winter pool cover can help keep your swimming pool clean and debris free over the colder months. 

What are the Best Pool Specials?

Now we’ve discussed how to get your pool ready for closing, here are some fantastic deals on things to help you do it! 

All the tasks involved in winterizing a pool may seem overwhelming. So to help, we are offering $25 off pool closing services.

Using a professional pool company means you’ll have peace of mind that your pool is well taken care of. Nothing will get missed, and you will be ready to make a splash when summer comes next year!

We also have some incredible deals on pool chemicals and additives. Here are some of the top pool closing specials to look out for:

  • $40 off 25# chlorine tabs
  • $5 off antifreeze (includes 3 gallons of antifreeze)
  • $12 for a case of 12 refresh stock
  • Pool tee offers – $1 off 32oz, $2 off 64oz, and $3 off 128oz
  • $2 off algaecide 60

These will help make the pool closing season smoother and keep your pool clean and clear. Drop into one of our stores in Luzerne, PA or Shickshinny, PA, to get your hands on them.

Make the Most of PA 2022 August Pool Closing Specials from Aug 1-31st 

Preparing to close a pool for the season is essential in caring for your backyard pool. Make sure you take advantage of the PA 2022 August pool closing specials from Aug 1-31st, 2022. You can find everything you need at incredible prices.

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