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3 Best Energy-Saving Tips for Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs
Energy Saving Tips for Hot Tubs

Guide to The Best Energy-Saving Tips for Hot Tubs

January is the coldest month in Pennsylvania. The highest temperature during this period rarely passes 40°F. The coldest is just above 25°F. Do you have a hot tub and wonder what are the best energy-saving tips for hot tubs?”

It’s a time of year when you’ll likely put your hot tub to use. During this period, your comfort and warmth may outweigh the cost of running your tub. However, you may spend an additional $50 a month if this becomes a year-long habit.

But you can enjoy your hot tub without increasing your energy bill. This article provides you with three energy-saving tips for hot tubs. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Your Thermostat is the Key

Your thermostat may be a key element in reducing hot tub energy costs. Lower your thermostat by a few degrees.

Despite the extreme cold outdoors, you won’t notice this minor change. Even a seemingly small adjustment of four degrees can reduce energy use.

It’s best to keep your thermostat at this new, lower temperature. Constantly adjusting it will defeat your goal of saving energy. You may consider switching off the thermostat when your hot tub isn’t in use.

Automating your thermostat can also make this easier. You probably have a routine when it comes to using your hot tub. Set your timer accordingly so that your thermostat adjusts automatically.

2. Regular Maintenance Will Help

Don’t discount the benefits of regular hot tub maintenance on energy usage. Clean hot tubs reduce bacteria in the water. Regular cleanings can also ensure that your hot tub works efficiently.

Regular maintenance should involve checking chemical levels. You should also clean all parts, including filters. This helps the water to circulate freely.

Clogged filters don’t only affect circulation. They can reduce the efficiency of your motor. This can ultimately affect the performance of your heater element.

3. Invest in Coverage

Investing in a cover for your hot tub is one of the main ways to reduce energy usage. A cover will prevent heat from escaping from your tub, reducing the work of your heating system.

There are a variety of hot tub covers available. Choose one that’s well-suited for your tub and is aesthetically pleasing.

It must fit well to be effective. Check your hot tub cover regularly to ensure it prevents heat from escaping.

Using Energy-Saving Tips for Hot Tubs

A hot tub is an investment that, once well-maintained, can increase your home’s value. It’s also a great way to keep warm during the winter or cold evenings. There are also numerous health benefits from soaking in warm water.

Despite this, running a hot tub does have a cost attached. But you don’t have to regret making this investment.

There are many energy-saving tips for hot tubs that you can implement. This includes regular maintenance.

Skovish Pools & Spas can help you with this. We provide an extensive line of chemicals and supplies for your hot tub. We also have accessories, including spa covers too! Contact us to find out more!

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