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3 Great Game Ideas for a Kids Pool Party

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3 Great Game Ideas for a Kids Pool Party

Fun Kids Pool Party Game Ideas

Having a children’s pool party is an awesome way to celebrate a birthday or other special event. There is fun to be had, food to be enjoyed, friends to socialize with, and of course the party games which everyone loves.

This article aims to give you an idea of some games that you may want to incorporate into your pool party and how you can best make your child’s next event a fun one.  Use these ideas as they are, or try coming up with your own new game that is unique and personal to your event.

Marco Polo at a Kids Pool Party

A game popularised in pools across the world, Marco Polo is a fun game of hide and seek in the water, with a bit of a twist.  An individual closes their eyes while others hide in the water.  The goal of the finder is to keep their eyes closed and seek around the pool until they have an idea of where their friends and fellow swimmers are.  They seek clues by shouting out Marco then, and the other participants reply with Polo.

This is the clue the seeker uses to move around the water until they tag a person.  The fun is that those hiding can move and try to outsmart or outwit the seeker.  It is a fun game with no cost that will keep your children entertained for hours.


For older kids, and parents with a higher tolerance level, splashing contests can be a wonderful option.  Cannonballs into the water create a splash that kids love and evoke a fun atmosphere.  You could hold a contest to see who can create the biggest splash from their jump and another to see who can jump in with the best style, grace, etc.

This is a great game for children that are smart enough and cognitively able to know where in the water is deep enough to jump in. Parental supervision must be present in order to ensure that there are no injuries or accidents, but it can be a fun option for an easy and inexpensive game.


Another fun game in the water at a kids’ pool party are races.  These races can involve swimming or they may be something fun like who can float the longest or furthest in the water.  Giving a prize to the winner or to the one with the most style and elegance is another fun and inexpensive way to get kids involved and active at a pool party you are holding. 

Now, Do You Need a Pool?

Now that you got the party ideas, do you need help with your pool? The water needs to be crystal clear and healthy when inviting other children to your home.

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