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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Pool Pump and Filter

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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Pool Pump and Filter

Why Upgrade Your Pool Pump and Filter

Pennsylvania homeowners with pools know that there is not anything quite nice and refreshing as taking a dip into a cool pool on a hot day or in a beautifully lit pool at night.

As an inground pool owner, typically you will take pride in keeping your backyard pool well-maintained and in “ready to swim condition.”

However, you may not realize that some of the components in your pool may be working against you? Are you still using the original pool pump and filter? If so, it may not be working as efficiently as it use to.

By upgrading your pool pump and filter, in the long run, you will see an array of appealing benefits.

Your Options to a Solution

There are a few other ways to keeping your pool looking crystal clear, besides replacing your pool pump. For one, you can run your pool pump and filter for a full 24 hrs per day. Also, add additional chlorine to break down the contaminants and algaecide and clarifiers to help the filter to keep the water clear.

Unfortunately, both of these options will get costly.

A third and cheaper option to keep the pool clean is to continuously skim, brush and vacuum. Does not sound like much fun, does it?

Not only are these options more costly but they are labor-intensive as well. Not what you would like to add to your daily life that is stressful as it is.

The solution to your problem may be to replace the pool pump and filter with a new and more efficient model. There is an upfront cost, but in the long run, it can be less costly and give you more time to enjoy your pool.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Pool Pump and Filter

By choosing to upgrade your pool pump and filter with a quality cartridge filter you will benefit from:

Less Vacuuming

With a high-quality, efficient pump and filter in place, the cumbersome, time-consuming, daily chore of vacuuming is minimized.

By selecting a high-quality cartridge filter explicitly designed for higher efficiency levels, vacuuming daily can be a non-issue.

Improved Water Clarity

The new pool pumps and filters can efficiently and effectively improve the overall water quality. The water will not only look clearer and cleaner and will be healthier and safer for all to swim in.

Reduced Use and Need for Chemicals

In the older filters, additional chlorine, algaecides, and clarifiers are going to be needed. With newer, high-tech equipment, and higher-quality filters, making sure the water stays particulate-free requires a considerable amount less of these chemicals.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Pool Pump and Filter?

As you can see from the information we have provided above, there are several benefits offered when you choose to upgrade your pool pump and filter to a new, higher quality option.

Are you wasting money on unnecessary chemicals? Do you find yourself continually brushing, skimming, and vacuuming? If you still have your original pump and filter, now may be the time to consider an upgrade.

If you have questions and concerns about your pool pump and filter or have general pool related questions, contact Skovish Pools & Spas. We will be happy to help with all of your swimming pool and spa needs.

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