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3 Ways To Cool Your Schickshinny Swimming Pool In The Summer


3 Ways To Cool Your Schickshinny Swimming Pool In The Summer The reason we have these awesome pools in our Schickshinny backyards are because of the heat, it can be our only defense at times. There are plenty of great things about having an awesomely constructed pool in your own yard but during our hot summers, struggling to keep it cool isn’t one of them. The most functional and best part of having the pool Is the contrast of the heat outside and the cool temperature of the pool. When the water sits in the hot sun all day it can be difficult to keep this contrast achievable. There are some simple tricks we can offer you to keep your pool cooler as it sits during the day so it is ready to be enjoyed at anytime.

1. Cool Your Schickshinny Swimming Pool With A Water Feature

Whether you decide to add it during initial construction or want to make a late addition to your already existing backyard beauty, adding a water feature to the pool is rarely a mistake. The reason this addition is good for cooling the pool is the constant flow of water it creates. When water is stagnant is heats up much easier than when it is in motion. So the addition of water features, such as fountains or waterfalls, keep that water moving and decreasing the heating ability of the sun. Not to mention, water features add a wonderful aesthetic to your pool area. This also allows you to utilize the drop in temperature at night, as keeping the cooled water moving around will help combat the heat increase of the day time.

2. Cool Your Schickshinny Swimming Pool With Shade

This seems easy but there are proper ways to go about adding some shady areas over the pool that will help you keep the pool water and your swimmers cool. We specifically have some amazing cabana and outdoor kitchen options that can help shade the pool with the proper placement. The shade that is cast on the pool then cool the water in one area and with the water feature that cool water moves throughout the pool, taking the whole temperature down. There are also awnings that can be added over the pool specifically to provide shade for the pool itself. Umbrellas are a great backyard addition since they can be moved, they can provide shade for those outside of the pool or inside depending on their location.

3. Cool Your Schickshinny Swimming Pool With Misters

Misters are not only for soccer games and tanning mothers, they can do a great deal for those inside the pool as well. Adding some misters to the edges of the pool not only keeps the swimmers above water cooler but because they are adding cooler water to the pool, it bring the entire temperature of the pool down as well. Adding misters to your Schickshinny swimming pool, is one of the easiest fixes when it comes to keeping your pool cool. With each option, circulation and keeping the pool in use, increases the cooling effects.

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