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5 Sizzling Tips For Your Labor Day BBQ

5 Sizzling Tips For Your Labor Day BBQ

Summer is slowly coming to an end, so there’s no better time to fire up the grill and cook some delicious food for your friends and family. Enjoy your Labor Day bbq to its fullest.

Here are five top tips to make sure that your barbecue is a roaring success.

Buy top quality meat

The first tip seems like a simple one, but it’s one that so many people get wrong. You may have spent a lot of money on a brand-new barbecue, but you won’t be doing it justice unless you buy good quality meat. That means avoiding the cheapest cuts of meat and spending a little extra. You deserve it, and you’ll definitely taste the difference.

Don’t neglect the vegetables

We mustn’t forget that barbecues are not just about the meat. First of all, be a polite host and make sure that you cater to the dietary requirements of your guests. Even if you don’t have any vegetarians in attendance, fire does amazing things to vegetables. Skip the oil before cooking, just add some olive oil after grilling, and enjoy some delicious chargrilled veg.

Marinate the meat

It may be tempting to skip the preparation and get right into cooking the meat, but marinating any meat you cook is a must for terrific flavor. Ideally, meats should be left in the marinade overnight. Make sure you keep some marinade to one side for when you start grilling because brushing the meat or fish every ten minutes can really lock in smoky flavors.

Get the right barbecue

The meat, veg or the marinade won’t matter unless you have a good quality grill to grill them on. Gas grills are fine, but you won’t get any of the smoky flavors that you can get from a charcoal grill. Also, make sure your grill has a lid. It might sound unnecessary, but with a lid, you can smoke a glorious rack of ribs and melt cheese on burgers.

Watch the temperature

Making sure that you’ve already heated your grill before you start grilling anything is important for two reasons.

The first reason is that it is important you kill any bacteria and get the grill hot enough to cook any meat thoroughly (make sure you have a thermometer to hand!).

Secondly, once a grill is properly heated it can cause a lovely caramelization effect, which can lead to even better flavors.

Are You Set For You Labor Day BBQ?

So that’s it, you’re now set to throw a brilliant Labor Day bbq. If you follow the five tips above, you’ll be on your way to becoming a grill master. All that’s left to do now is pray that it doesn’t rain!

We hope you have enjoyed a learned a bit of information from reading our blog, “5 Sizzling Tips For Your Labor Day BBQ”. We love to help people get the most out of their backyards and parties.

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