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6 Tips To Help You Care For Your Spa Cover


6 Tips To Help You Care For Your Spa CoverWe have all seen them, those old, torn, and ugly looking old spa covers. Often, spa covers take a back seat to other important issues associated with your spa. This should never be the case. Your spa cover can be a reflection of you, and it can affect your overall atmosphere. Luckily, these tips are intended to help you extend the life of your cover.

Maintain Your Spa Cover With These Tips

1. Knowledge is the key

Being knowledgeable about all aspects of your spa is crucial to your overall experience. Our representatives are knowledgeable about all aspects of spas, including spa covers. They can assist you with learning about how to properly maintain your spa, pool, or hot tub cover.

2. Do not use abrasive cleaning tools

Abrasive sponges, steel wool, and other abrasive type tools can ruin a cover quickly. They can cause rips to form in the material and if there are already torn sections, they may become larger. Use a soft hand towel, soft-bristled brush, or non-abrasive sponge to clean your spa cover.

3. Do not allow anyone, or anything, to stand on your cover

Children, animals, and adults should not stand, or sit on your spa cover. Safety should always be the top priority, and this activity could be a recipe for disaster. Your cover can become saggy, rip, or break from the added weight, so do not allow people on it.

4. Remove snow from the cover

If you allow too much snow to accumulate on top of your cover, it may break. Causing it, as well as anything else on top of it, to come crashing down inside your spa. This may not be the first thing that you thinks of when 12 inches of snow come down, but it is important to try to remember.

5. Become familiar with the types of chemicals that can be used on your cover

Using the wrong chemical, wipes, or cleaners on your spa cover can result in discoloration or shrinkage. Our representatives can help you make an informed decision on choosing the right products to care for your spa cover.

6. Read the care and maintenance instructions for your cover

Who needs instructions? Manufacturers often include valuable information with the instructions, which are intended to help you extend the life of the product. Simply read them and gain valuable knowledge about caring for your spa.

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