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8 Essential Tips For Maintaining Your Hot Tub This Winter

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8 Essential Tips For Maintaining Your Hot Tub This Winter

Maintaining Your Hot Tub This Winter

Are you one of those people who love to go into your outside hot tub in the middle of the winter? Doesn’t the hot water, jets, bubbles, and snow all around feel amazing?

Well, here we provide you with a few winter hot tub tips for maintaining your hot tub this winter. These tips will not only protect your tub and keep energy costs down but will keep you safe and enhance your experience.

Change Water

Before the weather gets too cold empty the existing water and re-fill with new water. Try to do it by the end of the fall. Changing the water in the middle of the winter when the temperature is low can result in water freezing which can damage your hot tub.

Keep Water & Filters Clean

No matter what season it is it is always essential to keep the water sanitized and clean with the proper chemical maintenance along with cleaning of filters. This is for the health and safety of all who are entering the hot tub.

Cover Securely

Invest in a high-quality cover that is well insulated and has a tight-fitting seal. This will assure that the water temperature will remain at a constant high temperature. This not only saves on your monthly heating bill but makes it easier and less stressful for you when you have the immediate urge to take a quick dip and relax.

Check & Maintain Water Level

The water level must remain at a certain level. If the water evaporates and goes below the recommended level add more water. Also, check for leaks. If you do not maintain the water level you are taking a risk leaving the components such as the pumps and heaters to stop working. Your hot tub can freeze which can be quite costly to fix.

Maintain The Water Temperature

Obviously, due to the cold weather, you can lose a lot of heat during the winter. It is advised to maintain a set temperature. This is more cost-effective than constantly letting the hot tub water cool off than heat up.

Lower the Jets

Because jets blow air into the hot tub the water temperature can rapidly lower. Try to use them a bit less than in the warmer months. As stated above you want to maintain a high temperature. Make sure you always turn the jets off when not in use.

Add A Spa Blanket

For added efficiency add a spa blanket. A spa blanket is insulated and floats on top of the water. It decreases evaporation, which lowers heating costs as well as chemical costs. As water evaporates the need for adding additional chemicals increases. Spa blankets are a true energy saver and can reduce heat loss by up to 95%.

Stock Up On Supplies

You never know when a big snowstorm will hit and you cannot get out to buy more supplies Have the supplies ready so you can sit back, relax and totally enjoy your hot tub at any time during the entire winter.

Keep Up With Maintaining Your Hot Tub This Winter

Do not let the winter season deter you from enjoying your hot tub. Contact the pool builders, Skovish Pools & Spas to get the information you need regarding maintaining your hot tub this winter or to purchase your hot tub chemicals and hot tub cover.

If you are thinking about getting a hot tub, contact us as well. We sell hot tubs and all their accessories. Enjoy your hot tub, an exciting home feature regardless of the season. For more information about hot tubs or to schedule an appointment, contact Skovish Pools & Spas. We have 2 locations, Luzerne, PA and Shickshinny, Pa. but are not limited to providing services to those areas.

Our Wide Variety of Energy Efficient Hot Tubs and Covers are from the Manufacturers of Caldera Spas & Fantasy Spas.

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