A Real Above Ground Pool

A Real Above Ground PoolThese days it seems as though swimming pools are popping up all over the place. In backyards everywhere, the classic blue-vinyl and PVC piping can be seen from afar. Every week in the Sunday circular, you’ll find various discount and budget stores offering low-priced pools of various size that one can purchase, put in the back of the car, and take home. Set up instructions included, just add water.

Bargain Brands

Unfortunately, these pools are not always as easy to set up as they are to buy. Unless you have an excavating team who will level your ground for perfect pool placement, you will most likely have some trouble. When a pool is not even, the water will collect on the downslope and over time, this can wear on the walls of your pool-in-a-box. By the middle of summer, you’ll be worried about a wall breech each time someone jumps in and you’ll actually be relieved when the fall comes and you tear down the pool and set it on the curb.

Buy The Best

When it comes to above ground pools in Luzerne, you’ll want to be sure that you have the best quality pool that you can buy. Don’t bother with the discount chain’s disposable contraption, purchase a pool that you can set up once and keep in your yard for years to come. A reputable pool company will help level your ground and give your pool a beautifully landscaped area where you can enjoy it to the fullest all summer long without worry of breaking down the walls.

Instead of putting your pool on the curb each fall and buying a new one each spring, buy one and be done. When the fall comes, you’ll cover it. When the spring comes, you’ll uncover it and clean it. That’s it. Our pools are aluminum and steel, not blue vinyl and PVC pipe. We’ll help you pick the right size for your yard and your budget, and we’ll work with you to get just the right placement. Consider a real above ground pool this year and dive in with gusto.