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The Best Above-Ground Pools, Lackawanna County PA

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The Best Above-Ground Pools, Lackawanna County PA

Looking For The Best Above-Ground Pools Dealer in Lackawanna County, PA?

Over 8 million U.S. households have above-ground pools, or pools that aren’t dug into the ground. 

Above-ground pools are becoming a popular choice as a cost-effective way of relaxing in the summer. Are you thinking about purchasing one for your household?

Keep reading to learn about the best above-ground pools in Lackawanna County, PA, and their many benefits. 

What Are Above-Ground Pools?

As the name suggests, above-ground pools are any pools built on top of the ground. They don’t require any digging or concrete filling. They’re typically made of steel and aluminum to hold the water in. 

Homeowners choose above-ground swimming pools because of cost or property restrictions. They present their own set of convenience and flexibility for many homes. 

Types of Above-Ground Pools

Contrary to popular belief, above-ground pools aren’t just cheap replacements for more expensive in-ground pools. 

Steel frame above-ground pools are some of the strongest and most durable pools out there. These frames include vertical supports and side rails. The walls are made of durable plastic, vinyl, or even resin. 

While steel frame pools require more preparation, the stronger support lets you have a deeper pool. 

Aluminum frame above-ground pools are very similar to steel frame ones. They’re usually much bigger and offer reliable frames and support. However, they’re much lighter than steel and resist rust much better. 

Benefits of Above-Ground Pools

The Best Above-Ground Pools, Lackawanna County PA

Homeowners choose above-ground pools for their easier maintenance and installation when compared to in-ground options. 

Installing an above-ground pool takes much less effort than preparing or taking care of an in-ground pool. You can get a contractor to do it, or try to do it DIY. 

Things like grass clippings can make in-ground pool maintenance a chore. This is much less prominent in above-ground pools because of their elevation. 

Keeping pets and other animals out from the higher elevation is another plus for above-ground pools. They’re also cheaper than more involved in-ground pool projects. 

What to Consider When Purchasing Above-Ground Pools

If you’re considering whether or not to purchase an above-ground pool, always pay attention to the location. Avoid placing ones near trees or powerlines. 

Don’t forget to consider the size of your pool, as well as its shape. Pool depth is going to have an effect on the size and shape. 

The material of both your frames and pool liners will also affect your costs. Be sure to check for any permits or licenses you might need to have an above-ground pool in your neighborhood. 

Choose Skovish for Above-Ground Pool Installation in Lackawanna County, PA

If you’re looking for above-ground pool services in Lackawanna County, PA, Skovish Pools & Spas Inc. has you covered. 

We offer consultations, sales, and installations of steel or aluminum above-ground swimming pools. We also provide plenty of wall and liner options as well as different shapes and sizes. 

Leverage the Above-Ground Pools Today

Installing the best above-ground pools can be excellent for enjoying your summer. Hopefully, this has helped you decide whether or not you should purchase one for your home. 

While searching “best pool service Lackawanna County, PA” may help you come up with some options, you can’t be sure they will be a good fit. Skovish Pools & Spas Inc. has been in business for over 30 years serving PA residents.

Unfortunately, as of 9/2022, Skovish Pools and Spas no longer offers above-ground pools. But please reach out to us today, so we can get you an excellent and affordable quote to get you started with a new in-ground swimming pool.

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