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Adjust The Water Temperature Of Your Swimming Pool


Adjust The Water Temperature Of Your Pool One of the great luxuries of owning your own in-ground Luzerne swimming pool is that it’s just that – YOURS! This gives you the ability to enjoy it as you see fit, free to make any tweaks and adjustments to it that you’d like. One of the best ways to customize your in-ground Luzerne pool experience is by altering the water temperature. But how can you go about altering the water to reach your preferred temperature?

Warming Your Swimming Pool Water

Many people enjoy the warmer water when swimming, especially in the later summer months when it can get cooler at night.

You can consider using pool “blankets” or solar covers that attract UV rays to your water, warming your water in the process. However, this is typically more effective for the surface temperature of the water – it may take a few days or weeks before the entire pool reaches a consistent temperature that you are comfortable with. You are also at the liberty of the weather – if it is cloudy, you will not be able to warm your pool as well.

You can use a heat pump to warm the water in your pool. Using a pool heater can allow you to specify the temperature and the time of day the unit will run. Heat pumps are much more reliable than solar blankets.

Cooling Your Water

During the summer months, it may seem more difficult to chill the water temperature of your in-ground Luzerne pool. However, doing so can be worth it, as cooler water can prove to be incredibly refreshing during the hot Pennsylvania months.

The easiest way to cool your pool is by using an aerator, which is an attachment that plugs or screws into the side of your pool. An aerator sprays a fountain of water into your pool and helps bring the temperature down a few degrees.

You can also consider using a swimming pool cooler. This unit is similar to a heat pump. Water runs through the cooler, is chilled, and is then pumped back into the pool. This will reduce the temperature of your water much more drastically than an aerator if that is something that you are interested in. Most pool coolers have controls so that you can determine how cold the water will be.

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