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The Basics Of Pool Construction


The Basics Of Pool ConstructionMaking the decision to install a pool in your home is something that we know can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to it, which is why if you’re considering pool construction Shickshinny residents should have a basic idea of just what to expect.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the key elements of pool construction in Shickshinny. It should help give you the clearest picture of what will happen on the road to your backyard oasis.

  • It starts with a meeting with a design professional. It’s important to have a clear vision for your pool. This includes the size and shape, of course, but also things like colors, tiles, decks, and features. Think of it as the blueprint for your pool.
  • We’ll need to inspect your backyard as well to ensure that your pool will work in the space you have. Things like buried wires or pipes may need to be located also.
  • Once that we have a clear picture of what your pool construction in Shickshinny will involve, we can provide you with an estimate of cost and how long it will take to complete construction.
  • With your approval, we’ll start construction your pool. Excavation is first, followed by the formation of the pool walls and placing all needed plumbing for filtration systems. Then, concrete is poured. From here, the finish work begins.
  • Once your pool is installed and we’ve cleaned up the debris, the next step is startup. Your pool will be filled and one of our team will go over the maintenance process with you. Following this maintenance guide will be the key to keeping your swimming pool looking great for years to come.

That’s the entire process in a nutshell. It’s important to remember that there may be some special circumstances related to your pool installation since no two pools or properties are identical. But, understanding these basics will give you a good idea of how your installation will go.

The end result will be the same – you and your family will have a beautiful backyard oasis to escape to and enjoy the summer days. No matter the size of your pool, it’s easy to get started with installation and start working towards your private paradise.

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