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The Best Time For Pool Remodeling Or Construction


The Best Time For Pool Remodeling Or ConstructionDuring the downtime of winter, you may be considering pool reconstruction. Or perhaps as a Luzerne resident, you’ve seen your neighbors with a pool and are considering making the jump in on your own for the summer. So, what is the best time to have your pool remodeled or constructed?


Choosing to undergo your project the spring likely means you’ll be able to enjoy it during the heart of summer. Unfortunately, everyone tends to have this line of thinking. As the weather warms, people get more serious about their project. This means that costs are remarkably high.


Summer tends to be the worst time to install a new pool. Prices are high, because pool construction is in demand. Although it may seem logical, by the time your project is complete, you really won’t be able to enjoy your new pool.


The biggest downside to fall installation is that you will not be able to use your pool until the following spring or summer! It’s a shame watching your beautiful new pool be constructed, only to realize you need to wait through an entire winter before being able to use it. However, doing so could be cost efficient. Many companies may offer end-of-year closeout sales that you can take advantage of. Builders are not as busy this time of year. Additionally, the climate could be conducive to a swift completion of the project – more on that below.


Installing a pool in the winter is best in terms of costs. Pool companies are in search of work, and could potentially offer their lowest rates. However, the flip-side to this is that companies may choose not to work at all, so your potential suitors could be limited.

In addition, actual pool installation could be difficult, especially when dealing with snow or frozen ground. This could in-turn backfire, delaying the process and increasing your labor costs.

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