Bring a Native American-Style Swimming Pool to Your Nanticoke PA Backyard

Bring a Native American-Style Swimming Pool to Your Nanticoke Backyard

Are you a Nanticoke, PA resident wondering how to bring some Native American charm to your backyard?

If you haven’t already, you may want to consider a Native American-style swimming pool and surrounding area that honors the deep and reach history of Nanticoke. This type of design allows you to enjoy yourself throughout the hot summer months, while also benefiting from fantastic and timeless elements depicting your area’s history.

What are the different facets of Native American design? How can you bring this spirit to your backyard?

We discuss it here! Let’s dive in.

The Rich History of Nanticoke 

Nanticoke, PA, located in Luzerne county, is right near the Susquehanna River.

It was once the home to the Nanticoke tribe of Native Americans, which meant “tidewater people.” This Algonquian-speaking tribe lived and maintained a thriving village in this area — making art, jewelry, clothing, food, and more.

Their heritage can be found everywhere, especially in the names. For example, Nanticoke Creek was once called Muddy Run (although both titles can be attributed to the Nanticoke tribe).

The settlement officially became a European village in 1830, with a government not being formed until years later, in 1924.

Essential Elements of a Native American-Style Swimming Pool

Of course, Native American design is natural, earth-toned, and simple yet profound, nodding to the world the tribes lived in, honored, and memorized. Because of this, many Native American-style design elements are abundant in earthy hues and include details like rope, pottery, plants, and animals. 

Native Americans were both hunter-gatherers and agricultural peoples, and they domesticated several plant and wildlife species, including corn (or maize) and squash, or turkeys, alpacas, and llamas. 

To incorporate these themes in your pool, you can consider intricate tilework that depicts plants and wildlife. Surround the area with rusty oranges, golden yellows, and mud- or sandy-colored browns. Pops of bright color, like deep red, vivid turquoise, or purple, can make the theme cohesive and beautiful.

Find a Custom Pool Builder 

Now that you have an idea of the Native American style, the next steps are finding someone who can deliver on your vision.

Look for a custom pool builder in your area who can boast the following:

  • Decades of experience 
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • A friendly and knowledgable staff
  • Local, family-owned and operated (because they, too, will understand the reasons to nod at Nanticoke’s heritage)
  • Beautiful finishes and features that can accent your design preferences
  • Low-maintenance equipment that’s also energy-efficient 

Whatever design you end up going with, choose a pool builder who can help you from start to finish — someone who’s dedicated to bringing your ideas to fruition. 

Make Your Backyard Beautiful

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