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Can I Swim in Green Pool Water? Is It Safe?

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Can I Swim in Green Pool Water? Is It Safe?

You have begun to read this article so you must be asking, “can I swim in green pool water, is it safe? Let us explain in detail below.

When you go to sleep at night, do you dream about jumping into your fabulous pool in the morning? Well, you may be in for a nasty surprise.

You wake up only to discover that your pool turned green overnight. That’s a horrible feeling. What do you do when your pool water is green? Is it safe to swim in? Here are some answers for you.

How Green Is It?

Whether you can swim in your pool depends on what shade of green the water is.

Oxidized Metals

If the water looks green but is clear, you may have a problem with metal content in your pool. Oxidized metals may be the culprit in your green pool water. This could also be the case with light green pool water. With oxidized metals in your pool, especially copper, your pool water may turn green, but it will not be cloudy.

You may have oxidized metals in your pool for several reasons. Your water source might be too acidic. You might also have decided to use an algaecide with too much metal, or you overused it.

If your pool is older, you can have an issue with decay in your pool equipment, such as copper heating elements. Over the years, shocking your pool oxidizes these components and may turn your pool water green.

The water is safe to swim in. However, if the oxidized metals are present in large amounts, it might change a person’s hair color to green. It could also stain clothing.

pH Level

You see the pool water is green but there’s a high level of chlorine, and you know it isn’t algae. Check your pH level.

You need to be measuring your pH levels on a regular basis. If your pH level is too alkaline, it makes your chlorine ineffective. You will need to add chemicals to lower the pH level in your pool. If your pool has a green tinge, but it is not deep green, you should be able to swim in it. However, you will want to avoid swimming in a dark green pool.


If you live in a state with heavy pollen, your green pool water might have nothing to do with algae. Instead, it might be pollen. Pollen is too small for your filter to handle. Over a few days, pollen can turn your pool water green or even a sickly yellow.

However, this is one pool problem you don’t have to do anything about. Your pool is safe to swim in. Also, the problem will resolve itself over time.

Cloudy and Green Pool Water

If your pool is green and cloudy, you have a chlorine problem. More than likely, you also have an algae problem. If your pool doesn’t have enough chlorine, the pool will quickly turn cloudy and green with algae.

You will need to increase the chlorine level. You also need to add algaecide to your pool. If you can see the bottom of the pool, you may only have to use chemicals to fix the problem, however, if you cannot it may be a deeper problem and recommended to call a professional pool maintenance company for help.

If you have a pool that is a funny color, and you aren’t happy about it, contact Skovish Pools & Spas. We have two locations: Luzerne, PA, and Shickshinny, PA. We will be happy to help you. We can provide one-time pool service to clean your pool water or we can set up an ongoing pool maintenance plan so you do not have to worry about waking up to a pool where the water turned green.

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