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Can You Put Aromatherapy Oils in a Hot Tub?

Hot Tubs
Can You Put Aromatherapy Oils in a Hot Tub?

Can You Put Aromatherapy Oils in a Hot Tub?

Are you ready for a new hot tub season in your own backyard under the stars? There’s nothing more relaxing and romantic than sipping your favorite beverage while sitting in a hot tub with your favorite people. It’s an affordable spa experience that you can have whenever you want. 

From hot tub maintenance and safety to finding the perfect scents, you can have aromatherapy spa days at home if you follow the tips below. 

Read on to learn if you should use aromatherapy oils in your hot tub and what to look out for.

Should You Use Aromatherapy Oils In Your Hot Tub?

Hot tubs are sensitive to oils of any kind, including natural oils from the human body. It’s not a good idea to use pure essential oils as they can clog and damage your hot tub.

However, there are aromatherapy products that are specifically made for hot tubs that are safe to use. They have milder ingredients that won’t damage your hot tub and still provide a professional home spa experience.

Which Aromatherapy Oils Are Safe To Use?

Using essential oils and the wrong aromatherapy products can cause long-term damage to your hot tub. It’s important to only use products specifically made for hot tubs to avoid this that you can find with certified hot tub dealers or manufacturers.

As for hot tub care, it’s important to activate your hot tub cleaning and filtering system after using these types of products so there’s no residue. Also, make sure the aromatherapy products are safe for your skin and body, as they’ll come in direct contact with it and some of them may cause irritation.

The Best Aromatherapy Scents To Use

You can find hot tub aromatherapy products in the form of bath bombs, bubble baths, bath salts, and bath liquids specifically made for spa use. Depending on your mood and the results you want to accomplish, the best aromatherapy scents to use include:

  • Lavender + chamomile for relaxation and soothing your nervous system
  • Mango + Pineapple so you can feel like you’re on a tropical vacation
  • Citrus oils (lemon, grapefruit, orange) to help with weight loss
  • Mint and eucalyptus for energy and vitality
  • Floral scents for positive vibes and a good mood

Always check if the products you’re using are safe for your skin and body, as well as approved for hot tub use. This is the best way to avoid damage to both your skin and your hot tub.

Turn Your Hot Tub Into a Relaxing Aromatherapy Spa Experience

There’s a reason hotel spas and spa centers smell so good and relaxing all the time: they use aromatherapy oils. But should you use essential oils in your hot tub? These tips will help you learn which aromatherapy products are safe to use that won’t damage your hot tub.

At Skovish Pools & Spas, we carry the perfect safe aromatherapy products for all hot tubs. So visit one of our stores in Luzerne, PA or Shickshinny, PA, and we can set you up with the right one for you.

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