The Hot Tub Benefits You Won’t Want To Miss

The Hot Tub Benefits You Won’t Want To MissMaybe you were looking to update your swimming pool or decided that you deserve your own spa in the convenience of your own backyard. No matter what your reasoning might be, investing in a hot tub is always a great decision.

Did you know that the number one reasons why people love a nice soak in the hot tub is to reduce stress? Continue reading “The Hot Tub Benefits You Won’t Want To Miss”

A Spa Day At Home

A Spa Day At HomeBy now you probably have a spa in Shickshinny, right? If not, then your first order of business is to get one! We offer just the right model and design to fit your lifestyle and home. Fantasy spas are affordable and easy to install, meaning that you don’t need any fancy wiring or plumbing to get started. Put it on your deck, put it in your garage, or even put it in your basement. Fantasy spas are built for your needs and we can help you get yours set up so you can plan a girls-night-in, or a private retreat for your own wellbeing. Continue reading “A Spa Day At Home”

3 Benefits Of Hot Tub Installation

3 Benefits Of Hot Tub Installation

When it comes to hot tubs, Luzerne residents may be glossing over a whole lot of benefits by not considering a hot tub for their property or pool area. Hot tub installation can provide you with a great place to gather and have a great time, and these convenient home spas can also be beneficial to your health as well. We love the idea of a pool and hot tub combination, and for this reason we want to outline the top 3 benefits of hot tub installation for you and your family. Our favorite 3 benefits of hot tub installation are:

  1. Natural pain relief – From arthritis pain all the way to childbirth, hot water has been proven time and time again by the medical and popular communities alike to ease pain. What hot water does is eases tension in muscles and allows inflammation to be reduced, giving you a way to fight the pain without using medications. It has been proven that spending around 20 minutes submerged in warm water, like that in a hot tub, can increase flexibility and take a significant amount of pressure off of your joints with relief lasting long after you’ve exited your tub.
  2. Stress relief – Stress leads to a whole host of health conditions. While stress in and of itself isn’t necessarily dangerous, the stress that stress puts on your organs and body systems really can be. Sitting in your hot tub and allowing the jets and warm water to wash over you can give your body a way to relax and revive, ridding you of the burdening stress you’re struggling with.
  3. Immune boost – When your body temperature elevates a bit, as it does while you’re sitting in a hot tub, your immune system gets a great boost. When your immune system is boosted, you’re better able to fight off colds, flus, and infections. Additionally, if you have a cold, your immune system will be boosted while the steam soothes your nasal passages and respiratory system!

With a hot tub, your home can be turned into your own private spa. From pain relief, to stress relief, to helping to keep you happy and healthy during the year’s “sick season”, your hot tub will be there to back you up whenever you need it most!