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Columbia County PA Custom Pool & Spa Designs

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Columbia County PA Custom Pool & Spa Designs

Custom Pool and Spa Design Ideas for Your Home in Columbia County PA

An astonishing 10.4 million pools grace homes across the United States. Are you thinking about adding to that number? 

A custom pool and spa are a fabulous way to add value to your home as well as provide a delightful way to spend lazy summer afternoons with your family or plan a staycation at home

Looking for some inspiration to create a unique setup for your backyard? Check out these fantastic ideas!

Add a Baja Shelf

Love lounging in the pool rather than swimming? A Baja shelf is the perfect answer to your predicament. This shelf, which is like a very large top step gives you a shallow place to sit and lie back on a floatie or set up your lounge chair right in the water. Place your spa right next to the shelf so you can easily transition from lounging in the pool to soaking in the hot tub. 

Add a removable gate and you have a great spot where little kids can play safely without having to create a separate kiddie pool.

Irregular Shapes

Standard rectangular pools are always a crowd-pleaser, but to add a touch of uniqueness, try a different shape. Round, oval, square, and irregularly shaped pools are all fun ways to change up the look of your pool quite easily. 

A big advantage is that if you have a weirdly shaped yard or your existing landscaping features have made it weird, you can design an irregularly shaped pool to fit the available space. 

Above-Pool Patio

If you have a large pool, a patio in the center is a fun idea. Raise it up on columns high enough so that you can swim underneath and don’t lose out on water space. On top, you can set up lounge chairs or hang a hammock. Either swim out to your patio or set up a walkway that connects to the deck or slopes down to meet the ground outside the pool. 

Enhance the View

Columbia County PA Custom Pool & Spa Designs

Have a nice view from your backyard? You want your backyard features to enhance it rather than detract from it. Consider a minimalist style deck with a low-profile spa. An infinity pool completes the look and draws the eye off into the distances, inviting you and your guests to sit back and enjoy the view. 

Stacked Infinity Pools

Do you have a hilly backyard that you just don’t know what to do with? Use it to your advantage and build a set of stacked infinity pools. Start at the top with a kiddie pool pouring into a larger pool for the adults. 

The multi-level design is also a great way to separate the at-home spa tub from the rest of the pool. Give it a nice perch in a spot where you can enjoy the view if you have one.

More Custom Pool and Spa Design Ideas For you Columbia County PA Home

Have these custom pool and spa ideas gotten you excited about the possibilities? If you’re still not sure about the swimming pool design that you want, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our expert team has a whole list of pool design ideas that are sure to spark your imagination. Let us help make your dreams come true for your Columbia County PA home.

Contact us today to begin working on the custom pool and spa of your dreams! 

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