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Consider These Issues Before Just Placing Your Above Ground Pools In Any Location

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Are Above Ground Pools Worth It?

Where To Put Above Ground Pools?

Many people are turning to above-ground pools for their backyards. Different styles are available, but most designs are either round or oval. Cost contributes to this trend, as above-ground models tend to be cheaper than traditional in-ground pools. Space requirements also play a role in a person’s decision. They just don’t have the room, or having an in-ground oasis installed would take up their entire backyard. Regardless of what type homeowners choose, they gain the ability to go for a dip at any time.

A spot too close to trees results in pine cones, limbs, and other debris continually falling in the water. Failing to remove these items will lead to swimmers sustaining cuts or different injuries from stepping on the objects. These things may also damage the liner, which will cause you to need a costly repair or replacement.

Substances like pollen can also find their way into the liquid, leaving the water with a yellow tint. Pool filters and pumps become overworked during instances like these, and the likelihood of early equipment failure increases.

Tree limbs produce shade that protects people from harmful UV rays, but the overcast might make the water too cold to enjoy. So, before installing your pool in this type of area, consider all of the future issues that can arise.

Power lines above could be potentially fatal. If the wire snaps and falls into the water, the risk of electrocution increases. Depending on the line’s height, it is possible for floats, toys, and even people to touch the cables.

Check local building codes before setting up your above-ground pool, and ensure that the location is safe. Taking the unit back down is a problem in itself, as pieces can become lost or broken, so install your oasis in the perfect place the first time to avoid any enigmas.

Above Ground Pools Location?

For the above-ground pool location, it is essential to find the perfect spot to have it installed. Contact our Skovish Pools & Spas team and let us help you find the perfected above-ground pool location in your backyard, as well as pick the perfect pool in both size and shape.

It’s time to get family and friends together and have an above-ground pool splash!

Spring is almost here, and it’s time to start thinking about how you want to spend your summertime at home. Wouldn’t you agree getting a new pool would be a great idea? We are here to make that happen.

(Skovish Pools and Spas no longer offer above-ground pools. Please contact us if you are interested in an inground pool.)

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