Consider A Vinyl Liner For Your Inground Pool’s Water Loss

consider-a-vinyl-liner-for-your- inground-pools-water-lossAn image of an above ground swimming pool likely pops into a person’s mind when they hear the words vinyl and liner. It is true that these are required items for above ground applications, but in some cases, they can be used to reline an inground pool too. If your oasis is losing massive amounts of water, and not just a small bit from evaporation, cracks in the plaster or fiberglass could be to blame. Hour after hour of your time can become spent refilling the inground pool with many gallons of H20. These actions can cause utility bills to double, and sometimes triple, which leaves property owners wanting to pull out their hair.

Using a vinyl liner in place of other materials offers numerous benefits. It is soft and eliminates the risk of swimmers sustaining scraped knees or damaged toes and feet. Many people are fearful of rips and punctures, but the vinyl liner is of ideal strength to prevent such happenings. It has UV-inhibitors that keep the sun’s rays from causing damages too. Our Luzerne family owned and operated company utilizes high-quality equipment to ensure that your pool remains aesthetically pleasing, and functional, season after season. A 5-year full, and 20-year pro-rated transferable warranty, also comes with each liner, which allows property owners enjoy their investment care, and worry-free.

One common concern is the limited blue coloring that people associate with a vinyl liner. However, we offer a wide range of color options, as well as, designs to accommodate the different needs and wants of pool owners. Some of the liners even feature 3D patterns, which produce a realistic stone or tile appearance. So, if you desire to refresh the look of your backyard, or need a new vinyl liner to fix a leak, feel free to give us a call at (570) 288-1025.

Each unit comes with a fungicide that inhibits bacteria growth. Many people choose vinyl liners because they are virtually maintenance-free. Of course, the bottom and walls of the pool will still need to be brushed and vacuumed, but the tasks are effortless when compared to cleaning pools with other types of surfaces.

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