Cover Up Your Hot Tub in Winter Months

Cover Up Your Hot Tub in Winter Months

You’ve recently purchased a hot tub and aren’t ready to stop using it now that the weather is cooling down. There are several ways you can cover and protect your hot tub during the colder months. The right cover can also keep your hot tub in great condition. Even if you don’t use it much in the fall and winter, a spa cover will keep it functioning well. Here are some tips for finding the right cover, along with suggestions for winter hot tub care.

Invest In a Quality Cover

A great cover helps to insulate the hot tub and keep the water at a comfortable temperature. When the cover is well-constructed, it can also keep debris out of the water. This will allow you to enjoy the hot tub in cool weather. Cover your hot tub any time you’re not using it, especially in cold weather. Skovish Pools offers a variety of hot tub covers to choose from. You can make your selection based on the size and shape of your hot tub. Covers of various materials are also available.

Keep the Hot Tub Hot

If your area gets harsh winters, you may wonder, “Will my hot tub freeze in the winter?” If you take care of your hot tub, this won’t be the case. Check the water levels in the hot tub frequently during the fall and winter. Add more water if you need to and make sure the water stays warm. Check the filters a few weeks before winter as well. This will let you know when it is time to replace or repair them. Spending time in the hot tub could be a relaxing way to get through the winter. However, the water should be at a safe and warm temperature.

Change the Water

If you have an established hot tub maintenance schedule, make adjustments in the winter. You may be wondering, “Should I drain my hot tub for the winter?” This isn’t always necessary, however. Simply change the water a few weeks earlier than you normally would to ensure the water is clean and warm. This is especially important if you plan to use the hot tub during the colder seasons. If you wait until the weather is very cold, the water could freeze. This makes the process especially difficult and could cause hot tub damage. However, if you used the hot tub often in the summer, draining the water may be best. This will give you clean, clear water to enjoy in the cold weather.

Reduce Jet Speed

The jets blow air into the water for the purpose of making the water cooler. You can also use the jets to massage tired or aching joints. Many people with health conditions, such as arthritis and chronic pain, use the hot tub as a natural treatment. You should turn down the jets in the winter when you’re using the hot tub. Before you cover the hot tub, make sure the jets are off. Using the jets to cool the water in winter could make the water too cold. Extremely cold water could have a negative effect on your joints. This could also affect the way your hot tub works and make the water temperature uncomfortable.

Contact the professional team at Skovish Pools to find the perfect hot tub cover. Skovish also offers several hot tub models. If you’re considering getting a hot tub soon, don’t let the winter season deter you. You’ll get all the tips and information you need for maintaining your hot tub. This allows you to enjoy this exciting home feature regardless of the season. For more information about the hot tub showroom or to schedule an appointment, contact us here.

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