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Fall Is The Time To Build Your New Pool

New Pool Construction

Fall Is The Time To Build Your New PoolIf you’ve decided on pool remodeling or pool construction in the Shickshinny or Luzerne area, it’s an exciting time! You may be chomping at the bit to begin your project, which is great news considering the fall is one of the best times to begin pool construction in Shickshinny. Why should you build your pool this fall?

  • Fewer Delays – The weather in Shickshinny is more predictable in the fall, which will reduce the number of delays. The weather is too cold in the winter, when the ground is susceptible to freezing, making work on your pool impossible. There is too much rain during the spring and unpredictable thunderstorms during the summer, making fall the ideal time to break ground.
  • It’s Not Peak Season – Fall is not the height of the pool-building season, which means your contractor will not be spread thin. Your Shickshinny pool contractor should be able to dedicate himself fully to your project, reducing the time your life is disrupted by construction.
  • Financially Efficient – Because it is not peak season, your contractor may be willing to negotiate pricing. Your contractor may have excess building materials they are trying to get rid of before the year is over, which could bode well for you. It’s basic supply and demand – contractors will not have to look for work in the summer but may be trying to find work in the fall. Building at a time when no one else is could cushion the blow on your wallet. It also gives you more flexibility to stretch your budget and add other components to your pool that you had not previously considered, such as a spa or hot tub. Additionally, pool construction in Shickshinny can be claimed on your taxes as a home improvement cost.
  • Ideal Timing – Building your pool now ensures that it will be ready once the weather warms next year. If you wait until the spring or summer, it will not be completed until this time next year – at which point you’ll have to wait an entire winter before using it again. So, you can build your pool now and have it ready for summer, or you can construct it later and wait 18 months before you are able to use it. That choice seems pretty clear!

Do not chomp at the bit, let us show you how the great news of building a pool in the fall can become a reality. Get in touch with Skovish Pools and Spas to see how. We have 2 locations, one in Luzerne and the other in Shickshinny PA. Give us a visit and stop by. We are looking forward to helping you.

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