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Does Your Above Ground Pool Need Rehab?


Does Your Above Ground Pool Need Rehab?It might seem a bit early to think about summer, but it will creep up on us and be here before you know it. The weather will get hot and your family will be ready to swim. How will your pool hold up? Has it taken a beating over the years? Was it constructed back when “Dynasty” was a top-rated TV show? If your swimming pool has seen better days, it might be time to send it to rehab. Pool rehab, that is.

Improve Your Above Ground Accommodations

If you think that an above ground pool is boring, think again. There are always a few things you can do to bring it back to life and give it a second chance at being fun!

  • Deck it. The obvious choice to take your above ground pool from drab to fab is to build a deck around it. There are various designs, sizes, and structures to choose from. Adding the extra space in the pool area means plenty of room to party.
  • Landscape it. Take the surrounding area of your pool and create something special. Mulch or rock borders, small bushes or perennial plants, evergreens or hedgerows; all of these can turn your pool into a lush garden area.
  • Improve it. Installing better equipment is essential for a fully functioning pool. A larger pump and filter system will keep your pool cleaner than the standard smaller ones from years ago. You might also consider a heat pump to take your swimming far into the fall.
  • Light it. Underwater lights, solar lights around the outside, LEDs and more can improve the look of your pool when the sun goes down. This means that hot nights get cooler when you can spend them in the pool.
  • Line it. After all this time, you might need a new pool liner. Our vinyl liners look great and are soft to the touch. Plus, they’re treated with a fungicide to keep bacteria at bay. With lots of colors to choose from, your pool will get a healthy update and look great.

Pool remodeling in Luzerne is common. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years and we’ve taken old classics to whole new levels. Be ready to get cool in style when the summertime arrives.

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