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Hard Water Effects Not Only Your Home Fixtures But Pool Equip Too

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Hard Water Effects Not Only Your Home Fixtures But Pool Equip Too

How Hard Water Effects Pool Equipment

Hard water is common in many municipalities and most people don’t realize they have it, even in their swimming pools. Since it doesn’t pose a health risk, it just isn’t something that people look for. However, coarse dingy clothes and spotted dishes can be a symptom of hard water. Do you have pesky water stains in wet areas, like sinks and tubs? If you do, then you probably have hard water.

Hard water is simply water with a high presence of calcium and magnesium. These minerals cause dry skin, brittle hair and prevent soap from lathering. The clothes don’t quite seem clean because hard water prevents the detergent from doing its job. More importantly, these minuscule mineral grains can build up in home pipes, water fixtures including pool equipment, decks, and other surfaces over time causing big problems.

Slow, Leaky And Busted Pipes

Hard water is measured in grains per gallon. Although these grains are too small to be seen with the naked eye, they are heavier than water. They tend to settle in pipes and other water fixtures. These grains build up over time. Eventually, water pressure is affected, and water flow can be slowed. Add these things to the growing list of pesky annoyances caused by hard water but that’s not all.

Continuing to ignore the problem only allows pressure to build up in pipes and fixtures along with the mineral deposits. Before long you will have slow, leaky pipes. You will notice a small spike in the water bill because the leaky pipes allow gallons of water to slowly escape. Before long, the buildup of pressure and deposits can cause pipes to burst. This cannot be ignored, and it is expensive to fix but there is more.

How It Affects Your Swimming Pool

As explained above, hard water occurs when there is too much calcium and magnesium in the water. The most important thing to know when maintaining a clean, healthy and crystal clear pool is that the chemicals in the pool must be properly balanced. Maintaining the hardness, chlorine and PH levels is essential. Balanced water dissolves elements that enter the water.  When the water reaches its balanced limit the elements will no longer dissolve and will start to solidify. When the water is hard this solidification is known as “scaling” which builds upon ladders, pool decking, and other equipment and surfaces. Note: It is important to know that just as hard water can cause damage, soft water can cause corrosion.

Failed Water Heaters And Excessive Energy Use

Pipes, water fixtures and swimming pools are not the only things negatively impacted by hard water. Mineral deposits also build up in water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines, too. Even following all the recommended maintenance guidelines for these appliances will not protect them from the harmful effects of hard water.

For instance, the accumulation of deposits in water heaters naturally settle at the bottom of the tank becoming sediment. Then, the hot water heater must first heat the sediment before it can heat the water. It must work twice as hard, so the electric bill will increase. The overworked water heater will have a shorter lifespan and sometimes there can be even more devastating consequences.

What To Do If You Have Hard Water

Hard water can wreak havoc on your home, damaging clothing, causing dry skin and making clean up a difficult task. It can cause a spike in energy costs and devastate appliances if left untreated. There are many options to treat hard water, like water softeners. Each home is different and will have individual requirements. However, preventative maintenance is way more affordable than repairing appliances and busted pipes. It is best to act now and avoid all the headaches in the future. Your wallet will thank you for it.

Skovish Pools & Spas is your premier pool builder in the Shickshinny, Luzerne and surrounding areas of PA. If you are a pool owner and need help regarding the hard water in your swimming pool contact us. Our entire friendly and courteous staff are ready to help you. Do not let hard water wreak havoc on your swimming pool. Proper maintenance is essential

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