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Hot Tub Trends That Are Hot, Hot, Hot, So You Do Not Want To Miss

What’s putting the “hot” in hot tubs this year? Here’s a clue: It’s not just the heater that is hot, hot, hot!

Once looked on as a luxury, backyard spas are making their way into the mainstream. Maybe more people realize the health benefits they offer. For the conventional pool owner, a backyard spa also extends the swimming season. Or maybe it’s because new technology allows folks to customize their spas with LEDs, music and hydrotherapy options.

Here are a few of the other hot tub trends rising to the surface:

  • People are looking at more oversized spas, especially swim spas that offer room to move. A hybrid of sorts, the swim-spa allows you to swim laps against counter-currents and opens your hot tub to more friends. There’s also room for a swim-up bar like the ones you’d find at a resort.
  • Spas are getting smart. Following in the steps of smartphones and smart homes, pools now allow you to automate maintenance routines. Chemical balance? Check. Need a shot of chlorine? Check. A little stabilizer? Check. All of these actions can be managed from your web-connected smartphone or another mobile device.
  • They’re more energy-efficient, too. Tubs are surrounded with better insulation, and covers keep the heat in. Additionally, many tubs now come with energy-consumption monitors and self-diagnostic controls. These devices are good for the environment and your wallet.

Stop by our Skovish Pools and Spas outlets in Luzerne and Shickshinny to look at today’s backyard spas. You’ll be amazed to see all of the fantastic new hot tub trends come to life.

Our Shickshinny location closes for the winter, but do not hesitate to stop by or contact our Luzerne location by phone or email.

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