Hot Tub Energy Saving Tips

Hot Tub Energy Saving TipsAll hot tubs have one key element in common, which is keeping the water warm and comfortable for you and your guests. Unfortunately, hot tub heaters can take up a lot of electricity which can get expensive over time. Therefore, in order for you to keep the costs down, you will need to focus on conserving as much heat as you can.

Hot tub covers

A quality hot tub cover is crucial for conserving the maximum amount of heat within the hot tub. With a hot tub cover, you can easily keep in the heat of your hot tub whenever you aren’t using it. However, you will need to make sure that your hot tub cover stays in good condition. Even the slightest bit of damage done to your hot tub can really harm its ability to conserve heat and reduce energy costs.

Hot tub control settings

Ever felt like your hot tub wasn’t heating up as much as you wanted it to? Before you consider returning it, you might want to take a look at that dial. Most hot tub heaters come with an ‘Economy’ mode that allows users to conserve energy and some a little money too. In fact, some hot tubs even let you program it to switch to this mode at specific times during the day.

Air jets, LED lights, and air blowers

Some hot tubs comes with a whole plethora of features including air jets, LED lights, and air blowers. While these features are fun and relaxing, they can add a lot to your energy bill if you forget to turn them off once you are done.

Cartridge filters

Clogged or worn out filters can often cause the circulation of the pumps to reduce their efficiency and can even cause it to run dry. When the water flow is damaged, your hot tub will end up trying to work harder and thus use up more energy. Making sure to regularly check, clean, and if necessary, replace your cartridge filter can save you all the hassle and high energy costs.

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