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Hottest 2018 Swimming Pool Trends

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Hottest 2018 Swimming Pool Trends

In 2018, virtual assistants and self-driving cars have been introduced. Before this, nobody knew or cared who Alexa was (the name of the Amazon virtual assistant). But, suddenly, we find ourselves in a new environment with new gadgets. Trends happen in every industry, including the pool business.

Latest Trends in Swimming Pools

Collaborate with a swimming pool contractor and update with these new swimming pool trends. Some are high-tech, some are not. But, they are all interesting new twists on a classic favorite — the inground swimming pool.


Pools That Are Environmentally Friendly

As concern over global warming and the environment grows, so do concerns about going green. Ditching the chlorine for more natural pool sanitizing options have come in vogue. One of the more unusual is using moss to filter the pool. Yes, I said moss, the kind that grows outside. Experts say moss filtration treatments use 40 percent fewer chemicals than chlorinated pools. They lessen the need for chlorine, algaecides, and cyanuric acid, as well as preserve water. About 70 percent of water is saved by moss filtration, according to pool experts, because backwashing is not needed as frequently.

Ozone water treatment is also on the rise. It sanitizes the pool by getting rid of pathogens and oxides in the water. Ozone is said to sanitize pool water as much as 3,000-times quicker than traditional chemicals and leaves no residual byproducts, just oxygen. Chlorine produces hydrochloric acid, a chemical.


You Have A Smartphone. Why Not Have A Smart Pool?

Automation has come to the pool business. If you are lounging by the pool, you no longer must get up out of your chaise lounge or hammock to make adjustments to the gadgets that control your pool. All those gadgets can now be controlled from your tablet or smartphone. Smart pools come with downloadable software that let you check and adjust water temperature, activate the pool cover, engage the system that cleans your pool. There are even more coming.


Pool Trends 2018: Color Therapy

Deep hues of blue and green are in style this year. These colors make your pool feel like a lagoon. This aesthetic is intended to help you relax. Cobalts and azures are being used in lighting, deck furniture, and decoration, and it is meant to relax you like aromatherapy, except it is color therapy … for your pool. How 2018!


Pool Depth

Times, they are a-changing. And, so are pool depths. Traditionally, swimming pools started shallow and slowly got deeper, until you get to the deepest, or deep, end. Not anymore. The hot trend now is to have one depth from end to end. There are a few reasons to do this. A single depth is predictable. You know who can touch the bottom and stand and who cannot, which makes it safer for children. Parents no longer have to worry about the child who cannot swim going into the deep end.

Doing laps is easier in a pool with a single depth, too. When you get to one end to flip around, there is no chance of banging your head or leg against the bottom of the shallow end. Plus, pool volleyball is much easier because everyone is standing in the same depth of water and the area for the field of play can be the whole swimming pool, not just the shallow end.


Swimming pool design trends come and go and reflect what’s going on in popular culture. Skovish Pools and Spas pool builders in the Pa area will help you stay current with new trends in technology and color therapy. Who knows what is on the horizon for next year!


Contact Us at Skovish Pools and Spas. We service the Luzerne, PA and Shickshinny PA area as well as the surrounding areas.  Let’s get you up to date with the 2018 swimming pool trends.



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