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How Do Saltwater Pool Systems Work?

How Do Saltwater Pool Systems Work?

As pool season approaches, many homeowners are considering switching their pools from chlorine to saltwater. Why? Saltwater pools are considered healthier and environmentally friendly. Are you interested in learning how do saltwater pool systems work?


When you switch to a saltwater pool, you will minimize the effects chlorine has on your skin, eyes, and hair. Most people just accept that dried-out hair, red eyes, and irritated skin are the price you pay to swim in pool water. But, things have changed. Saltwater is a new option that offers swimmers soft water with a smooth feel, almost like rain. No wonder so many people are making the change.


Saltwater Pool Systems


Technically, a saltwater pool system is not really chlorine-free. Salt is a natural substance consisting of two elements: chlorine and sodium. Its scientific name is sodium chloride. As you can see from the description, salt already contains some chlorine in its natural state. A salt chlorinator uses a process called electrolysis to separate the chlorine molecules from the sodium. Then, it is introduced back into the water as liquidated chlorine.


Clearly, the salt chlorinator actually converts salt into chlorine using a fairly simple process. The salt system also has a saltwater pool pump and sensors that move and monitor the water. More chlorine is introduced into the pool water when necessary. This significantly cuts down the amount of chlorine and cuts down on work. Many people consider avoiding water testing and all the effort spent maintaining proper water balance in a chlorine pool enough of the reason to convert their pools to saltwater. Salt systems simply save you time and money and are easier on you and your surroundings.


A saltwater pool is more expensive to set up than a chlorine one. The cost usually runs into thousands of dollars. However, most people find that they eventually recover the cost because they have to spend less money on chemicals. Over the long term, saltwater systems provide up to 50 percent savings over chlorine pools.


Saltwater Pool Maintenance


Once you have decided to opt for a saltwater pool, saltwater pool maintenance becomes the next thing to consider. Caring for and maintaining your pool will not be more difficult; it will just be different than you are used to. For one thing, you will have to adjust the chemicals and how you monitor the system. It is always a good idea to use a saltwater pool maintenance professional, if possible.


Free chlorine is chlorine that is available to disinfect your pool. It is the chemical that is monitored because these disinfecting chemicals get used up by attaching to unwanted particles and organisms. Chlorine can also evaporate during the hot sunny days of summer.


Sometimes, it may be necessary to shock your pool with additional chemicals. In a saltwater pool, this is done by adding extra doses of sodium hypochlorite. Your salt system will make chlorine slowly over time. Creating residual chlorine in the water by shocking your saltwater pool system is a sound idea.


You will notice that the pH often tests high in a saltwater pool system. This may cause damage to the pool’s hardware and equipment, so it is important to perform frequent testing. For optimal maintenance, get the pH where you want it and then lower the total alkalinity to about 70ppm. You can usually keep the pH in the correct range by adding 50ppm of borates to the water.


Chlorine to saltwater conversion is highly desirable for a number of reasons. Learning about saltwater pool systems is the first step toward making a decision before taking the plunge.


Skovish Pools & Spas located in both Luzerne and Shickshinny, PA are equipped to switch your pool over from chlorine to salt water. We also can provide you with the services you need if you already have a saltwater system in your pool.

Contact Skovish Pools & Spas today. One of our happy and courteous staff members will be happy to assist you.


How Do Saltwater Pool Systems Work?
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