How to Plan the Perfect Backyard Wedding Poolside

How to Plan the Perfect Backyard Wedding Poolside

Backyard weddings are one of the best ways to celebrate your marriage in a laid-back, comfortable or even a lavish atmosphere. After all, what’s more family-oriented than a wedding at home? Invite friends, family, and work pals to a personal affair in the backyard.

Here are some things that every backyard wedding needs.

Make Room and Plan Guest Rooms

First and foremost, make sure that you have the room. Keep the guest list number at an amount to make it comfortable for all. Also, it’s best to call local hotels and check pricing, that way you can include recommended hotels as an option for those traveling from out-of-town. This will help prevent all of your relatives from sleeping in your home the night before or after your wedding. 

Keep Up With the Décor 

If you are grabbing farmhouse style tables, make sure that the chairs and accessories match. The same applies to any style you choose. There are tons of wedding themes to choose from, and all of them can be perfect. Just make sure that you don’t overcrowd multiple themes into the wedding; it may end looking a bit out of sorts. 

Is the Yard Level? 

People often forget this. Checking how your yard is shaped will have a lot to do with the setup of the wedding. You are going to need a flat area to accommodate the tables, chairs, and food. Putting the tables around the pool can also be a beautiful idea. Just make sure if you have small children that safety precautions are put in place. If you are going to welcome people to swim in the pool, make sure the tables are far enough away. Do not want, the Aunt Gilda, that we all have, in her expensive dress to end up soaked.

Rent Everything You Need

After all, it is a one-time event. Make sure that you rent everything that you need after you pick a theme and plan everything out. After you have your theme down, grab chairs, tables, a guest book, aisle runners, and all of the necessary wedding things. Pro tip: Grab more chairs than you think you will need. You never know if that cousin you haven’t seen in years will bring a random date or not.

You may find it cheaper to buy the linens online, and at times it can be, however, note that when renting linens, they will arrive steamed, pressed and ready to entertain. Purchasing online the linens may come with creases and wrinkles which can be a headache when setting up, especially the day before the wedding.

Get a Gazebo

Talk about picture-perfect, saying your “I do’s” under a gazebo is a slice of tradition that you won’t want to ignore if you are doing your wedding in the backyard.

Don’t Forget Comfort

Depending on the weather, you may want to opt for a tent. Sitting directly in the sun will not make some guests happy.

If you do not have enough bathrooms in your home or do not want guests going in and out, get a few porta-potties. We always recommend 1 for every 25 – 30 guests to be safe.

Think About Games, Fun, and Booze

Think about renting a few games for the guests. Family games like mini golf, horseshoes, and cornhole are all great. Grabbing games for the kids may buy the adults some time to chat after the wedding. Speaking of adults, renting a bartender is a surefire way to kick any wedding into high gear.

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There is a lot of preparation that goes into planning a backyard wedding, especially a poolside one, but, by staying diligent and keeping your guests in mind, you can plan your own perfect wedding from the comfort of your home.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article, “How to Plan the Perfect Backyard Wedding Poolside”. If you do not have a pool but would love to have a poolside wedding, its possible for sure. Get in touch with us to see how we can make it happen for you.