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How to Solve Pool Cover Anchor Problems 

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How to Solve Pool Cover Anchor Problems 

Do you know what a pool cover anchor is?

Have you just installed a new pool and need a pool cover for the winter? Are you looking for ways to keep your pool intact and clean throughout the winter months? A pool cover is a great investment. A pool cover helps to keep dirt and debris out of the pool. A pool cover also prevents harmful bacteria from growing in the water.

Several pool anchors are available based on the strength you need and the material you prefer. For instance, pool cover anchors for a wood deck are made especially for a small pool or hot tub. There are also brass pool anchors. These anchors are particularly sturdy and work well for larger pools.

Issues with the pool cover anchor could make the cover less effective. These tips on how to replace pool cover deck anchors are very beneficial. These tips also apply if you think you need a new cover.

What If the Anchor Hole Is Too Smooth?

If the opening for the Allen or hex key is too smooth, you’ll have a hard time turning it. First, check the actual hex key to see if the key or the opening is too smooth or stripped. If the hole has grit in it, this can keep the pool cover from locking as well. Be sure to clean all debris from the opening before trying to secure the pool cover again.

If the hex key hole is stripped, a flat head screwdriver can help solve the problem. However, do not use the tool on the slots on the sides of the opening. Just tap the head of the screwdriver into the opening with a hammer and use pliers to turn the screwdriver.

If the opening is raised, grab the edges with pliers so you can turn the pool cover anchor. If it’s possible to remove the anchor, replace it by putting a new brass cover anchor in the opening.

Pool Cover Anchors for Pavers

Pool cover anchors for pavers are special tools that keep your cover in place. If the pool is inground or positioned on a deck with pavers, these are the anchors you need. Anchors for pavers also work well if you have a pool that is near a waterfall fixture. The pool cover anchor is a great purchase and easy to maintain. However, installation is quite difficult. Therefore, you’ll have to hire a professional team in most cases to handle this for you.

Brass Pool Cover Anchors

It is common that brass pool cover anchors do not turn easily or quickly. You’ll have to bend and twist the hex key for the anchor to work. You may also have to use the hex “L” key to get the cover to work. The “L” key is the standard hex key. You can lubricate it so that it will turn effectively.

Removing Pool Anchors

When opening the pool for the summer you will have to remove the pool anchors from the cover. You can chip and pry the concrete from the anchor. There are special tools that help to remove the anchor from the cover without damage. If you’ve never done this before, a pool builder who provides pool service can help you through the process.

If you need to get a new pool cover or are in need of pool cover repairs, contact Skovish Pools. Our company can provide you with a variety of pool covers depending on the shape and size of your pool. Our team can also help you choose the perfect pool cover that matches your needs and sense of style. Contact Skovish Pools in PA to set up an appointment today.

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