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Improve The Value Of Your Home By Remodeling Your Pool


Improve The Value Of Your Home By Remodeling Your PoolWe’re approaching peak home buying season. Whether you’re thinking about putting your own home up for sale or wondering what you can do to maximize the value of your home in the long term, you may want to consider taking a look at your pool.

Generally, you will not be able to recoup the cost of building a new pool unless the circumstances are perfect. But if you already have a pool, a cost effective pool remodel in Luzerne may be just what you need to attract a buyer.

Over time, pools will degrade just like anything else in your home. Depending on the original materials used to build your pool, your pool can develop chips and cracks. These unsightly defects can make your pool look shoddy and poorly maintained. That will turn off even homebuyers that are looking for a pool.

Another common problem that will turn away buyers is when your pool looks dated, even if it has been perfectly maintained. Pools made of concrete, or lined with certain tile patterns and colors can really show their age.

So What Are Some Ways You Can Remodel Your Pool?

Reshaping – Whether you to turn a boxy pool from the 80s into a nature inspired oasis, or you want something with clean, modern lines, reshaping your pool can add an elegance and modernity that buyers will find attractive.

Resurfacing – If your pool looks like a construction crew has recently been through it, resurfacing the pool to eliminate the unsightly imperfections can increase its appeal.

Updating Decking – Updating or installing a new pool deck will transform the living area around the pool, giving it a fresh new look. Another way to achieve this look is by updating the coping around the pool.

New Materials – In certain cases, it may be best to completely replace your pool using new modern materials. Gunite is the new standard in pools because of its clean, modern look and durability. It involves spraying a rebar framework with a mixture of cement and sand. The way it is built allows for versatile custom shapes. Another popular and more cost effective option is fiberglass shells lined with vinyl.

Adding Features – If your pool is already in good shape, adding water features, fire features, or updating the lighting may be a good way to breathe new life into the pool area and attract buyers.

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