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Indoor Pools – Everything You Need To Know


Indoor Pools – Everything You Need To KnowIf you are an avid swimmer in Shickshinny or Luzerne, chances are you frequently face a problem this time of year – where do you swim?! Even if it’s been a somewhat mild winter, chances are, your favorite outdoor pool has been covered for the winter. At best, you may be able to find an indoor pool at your local gym. While these may be good for swimming laps, the smell of chlorine and splashing of children may make it a tad difficult to achieve your necessary R&R. Luckily, indoor pool construction is now more achievable than ever.

The Costs Associated With Indoor Pools

Unfortunately, constructing an indoor pool can be a bit more costly than an outdoor pool. When thinking about it, this actually makes sense. Not only are you paying for a new pool, but you’re also paying for the surrounding structure that will house your pool. Additionally, a dehumidification system needs to be installed to protect the surrounding structure from moisture damage.

However, you will save money on pool maintenance and chemicals. Since your pool is not outdoors, there will be less debris that can enter the pool. As a result, you will likely not have to spend money on expensive pool cleaners. Furthermore, because your pool is indoors and you will be using it year round, you will not need a cover that needs to be installed every winter.

As a result of being indoors, your pool will not be exposed to nearly as much sunlight as an outdoor pool would. This means that you will not need to pay as much for chemical maintenance. Sunlight diminishes chlorine and sanitizer levels, which means a lack of sunlight will help these levels stay at the proper maintenance point for a longer period of time.

Lastly, you will not need to spend as much money on safety structures that are often mandated by city or state ordinances. Although you will be investing in the surrounding structure, you will not need to install fences or other safety features that may otherwise have to be attached to an outdoor pool construction project.

Consider An Indoor Pool Today!

Don’t let rain, snow, or cold ever prohibit the use of your pool. One of the biggest fears of those considering pool construction is, “Will I get enough use out of this to justify it?” Well, if you can use it 12 months as opposed to six, we’re willing to bet you’ll get significantly more use out of it! And in case you were wondering, it is entirely possible to construct an outdoor pool with the possibility that it later becomes an indoor pool. However, we recommend considerable planning if this is the route that you are going to pursue. The possibility of an indoor pool should be in the back of your mind.

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