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Inground and Above Ground Pools in Lehigh Valley PA

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Inground and Above Ground Pools in Lehigh Valley PA

Inground and Above Ground Pools in Lehigh Valley PA

Are you playing around with the thought of installing a pool? Wondering how and where to purchase inground and above ground pools in Lehigh Valley PA?

An above-ground pool might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about installing a pool in your Lehigh Valley backyard.

Yet, they’re at least as popular as the in-ground variety, with 50% of homeowners opting for this type of pool. That is until this year.   

Since March 2020, there’s been a 200% upswing in demand for above ground pools this year due to people wanting these cheaper pools that are quick to install.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of inground and above ground pools in Lehigh Valley, PA.

A Comparison of Inground and Above Ground Pools in Lehigh Valley, PA 

There’s no clear winner when it comes to comparing these two types of pools. 

That said, above-ground pools are cheaper and offer greater flexibility than inground pools. You can also enjoy all the same technical innovations you get with inground pools, like lights and water features. 

You can remove an above-ground pool relatively quickly and easily if you move to another home, or want to reclaim your backyard space.  

Inground pools are a more permanent feature and can take up to 12 weeks to build and set up

They also require a little more maintenance than above-ground pools and cost more to install. 

For many homeowners, an inground pool adds a desirable resort-style ambiance to their backyard, especially when coupled with professionally designed landscaping and hardscaping features. 

Inground pools also offer greater flexibility when it comes to size and shape. Most above ground pools are either round or oval. 

If you decide to sell your home, an inground pool could be a huge plus point for the right buyer too.

Choosing the Right Pool for Your Lehigh Valley Home

Your choice concerning the best swimming pool in Lehigh Valley, PA for your needs depends largely on three factors. These are:

  • Budget
  • The space available in your yard
  • Your recreational preferences

Regardless of which type of pool you choose, you’ll need to comply with strict building regulations when you install a pool. 

Usually, above ground pools suit smaller yards, especially those with clay soils. Soil type is less of a hindrance when you put up an above ground pool than when constructing an inground pool. 

Clay soils can wreak havoc with inground pools since this soil type expands and contracts and can damage the structure of your pool. 

Despite the extra cost, planning, and time involved in building an inground pool, there’s no denying that these pools boast a more appealing low-profile aesthetic than an above-ground pool. 

An expert pool installation company in Lehigh Valley, PA will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing your perfect pool. 

Your Pool Installation in Lehigh Valley, PA

Skovish Pools and Spas is your first port of call when installing both inground and above ground Pools in Lehigh Valley, PA. (We are so very sorry, we no longer offer above ground pools, but contact us if you are interested in an inground pool. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

With over 30 years of industry experience, we can transform any backyard into a gorgeous, relaxing oasis. Take a look at our gallery of completed swimming pools in Lehigh Valley, PA, and surrounds to see what we can do. 

If you’d like to transform your backyard before next summer, get in touch for a quotation today. 

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