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Keep Your Hot Tub Running During The Winter

Keep Your Hot Tub Running During The Winter
Keep Your Hot Tub Running During The Winter

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Running During The Winter Efficiently

If you have been dealing with the beginning of the cold winter and it crossed your mind that hot tubs in the winter seem like a good idea, you were right. Having a spa in the winter is the most valuable time to own one.

Hot tubs in Shickshinny, Luzerne County, and beyond get most of their use during the winter as we see temperatures drop. It’s a wonderful luxury that can afford your muscles a break from the tension of the cold and allow you to enjoy some fresh outdoor air while relaxing in the heat.

Keeping Your Spa Warm In The Winter

This is the biggest concern for those who want to enjoy their spa during the winter months. There are a few easy things to do to keep your Fantasy or Caldera spa running efficiently during the winter.

Change The Water

Change the water at the beginning of the winter. Early December is a good time, the spa will run more efficiently and you won’t need to change the water again until after the coldest period of the winter pass. The Caldera spa provides an easy drainage system that makes this process much easier than other manufacturers.

Run Frequently

Run the hot tub frequently to keep it from freezing. When the temperatures get below the freezing level it is important to frequently run the hot tub to keep the internal systems from freezing up. Follow instructions on how to keep up the built-in anti-freeze system the Caldera spas have.

Cover The Spa

Covering the spa appropriately. Make sure your outdoor spa is covered when you are not in it. It may also be a good idea to add a thermal sheet layer under your cover to help trap the heat inside the tub. Lower temperatures make the heating process much more strenuous for the spa, keeping the temperature elevated and the jets working prevents the water temperature from lowering.

Hot Tub Running During The Winter

The best time to have a hot tub is in the winter. You can keep your hot tub running during the winter smoothly as long as you follow the precautionary steps for freeze prevention then you can enjoy a wonderful, warm experience.

We have many Caldera spas and Fantasy spas that are great for the winter, hot tubs you can view at our showroom in Luzerne PA. High-quality, efficient hot tubs to warm you during the cold winter.

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