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Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Pool


Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Pool Did you deal with rodents or pests entering your in-ground pool in Luzerne this past summer? This can be a frustrating issue that can discourage you and your family from using your pool. Hopefully, you won’t have issues with rodents over the winter, as your pool should be securely covered. But as you reflect on the past pool season, you can consider these tips to prevent rodents from entering your in-ground Luzerne pool next summer.

What Causes Rodents To Enter Your In-Ground Luzerne Pool?

First things first, you should know that owning an in-ground pool makes you vulnerable to pests and rodents. It is easy for rodents to enter your pool when they stop for a drink, but it is very difficult for them to exit. Since the only method of escape is the stairs, and that a rodent has no idea where the stairs are located, it’s easy to see how they can quickly drown.

If you have noticed an influx of rodents lately, you may want to ask your neighbors if they have been using poison to prevent rodents. If a rodent ingests this poison, they will become dehydrated and desperate to find a water source.

Preventing Rodents

If possible, you should cover your pool at night. If you do not have a temporary/daily cover, the off-season would be a good time to install one. A cover is a surefire way to prevent rodents, which is why rodents aren’t an issue in the winter.

You should keep your pool and the surrounding area as clean as possible. Any trash or clutter is an invitation to pests. The tidier the area is around your pool, the less likely chance there is of rodents hanging around. Be sure to skim your pool and remove debris daily.

Do not allow plants or shrubs to become overgrown, especially if they hang over the pool. If you’ve been finding a lot of frogs in your pool, overgrowth could be the cause.

There are devices that allow rodents to exit the pool, such as the Skamper Ramp. Although this will not prevent rodents from accidently entering your pool, it will give them the opportunity to escape, significantly decreasing the chances of you finding a dead rodent when you wake up in the morning.

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