Do You Know About Pool Safety

Do You Know About Pool SafetyHaving a pool is a big responsibility. You never know who is going to wander into your yard and take an unexpected swim. It is important to consider pool safety when installing a pool. Whether you have kids yourself, or someone in your neighborhood does, you’ll want to protect yourself and your whole family from any kind of danger.


The simplest way to keep people out is by building a fence around your pool. You’ll want to make sure it is tall enough to keep out everyone, including wildlife, but also visually appealing. Instal a gate with a lock on it so that unwanted visitors have to stop and ask before hitting the pool deck. Safety latches are available for the pool gates as well, making it harder for kids to enter the pool area without a grownup.

Pool Alarm

A pool alarm can be installed to let you know when someone unexpectedly enters the pool. This is great for kids who may be wandering the pool area. All it takes is a glance away for a moment and a child can be sucked underwater. A pool alarm will sound when a child, or other person has fallen into the pool. If you are outside, you will hear the alarm and can go running to the rescue.

Drain Covers

Installing covers on your pool drains will ensure that no one gets stuck in your pool’s filtration system. There have been horror stories about children who got their hair stuck and couldn’t escape. Drain covers will prevent this from happening, giving you peace of mind when everyone goes swimming.

Safety Covers

Pool covers can pose a safety hazard, especially on an in-ground pool. Kids and adults both can mistake a covered pool for flat ground and step right on the cover. If you have a safety cover, this won’t be a big deal. If you don’t, you may end up in a scary and dangerous situation as the cover collapses. Prevent a mishap and get a safety cover on your pool today.

If you are looking for more pool safety solutions, contact Skovish Pools today. We can help you turn your pool into a safe summer space and give you the peace of mind you are looking for in your own backyard.Don’t let your summer turn into tragedy.

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