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Lansford, Lehighton, PA Pool Builder & Maintenance Services

Pool Builder PA
Lansford, PA, Lehighton, PA Pool builder & maintenance services

Believe it or not, Lehighton and Lansford, PA, see nearly 200 days of sunshine per year – just five days short of the national average! This makes the area ideal for building backyard pools, spas, and areas dedicated to outdoor entertaining.

But, if you’re planning to transform your yard into a private oasis, you’ll need expert swimming pool services covering everything from building to maintenance and seasonal pool closing. Otherwise, the pool of your dreams could quickly become a nightmare.

Learn about Skovish Pools, your top option for the pool services of Lehighton and Lansford, PA. You’ll be glad that you did – we promise!

The Best Lansford and Lehighton PA Pool Builder

The right swimming pool builder will work with you every step of the way, from a free consultation through construction and remodeling and selecting accessories like spas and slides. They’ll also advise on equipment, including pumps, filters, covers, and cleaning gear.

Because no two backyards are identical, no two pool projects should be, either. So, you’ll want to choose a highly experienced local builder like Skovish Pools. They’ll be clued into local laws and regulations, seasonal conditions and special considerations for your area.

Top contractors will also communicate with you throughout the building or remodeling process, keeping your project on budget and schedule. And they’ll be happy to ensure you understand all aspects of your pool’s progress, so there aren’t any surprises later.

To better understand how pool construction works, look at our building process. And keep in mind that nearly any idea can be customized. We offer in-ground and above-ground pools, as well as spas with room for up to 7 guests and therapeutic jets.

Easy and Affordable Swimming Pool Services

Looking for more reasons to trust Skovish Pools with your build or remodel? Consider this – we offer reliable pool and spa services with affordable pricing, state-of-the-art equipment, and a team you can trust. And we can even help with financing.

You’ll never struggle to communicate with our team, and the more you learn about us, the more comfortable you’ll feel with your hiring choice. We have decades of experience, guarantee all of our work, and are happy to provide customer reviews and testimonials to prove it!

Unlike some less reputable contractors, we guarantee that our staff is appropriately licensed, insured, and capable of sticking to our company’s sky-high standards. So, you’ll never have to worry about who’s coming and going on your property. And, should someone get hurt on the job, you know they’ll be covered.

Skovish Pools also guarantees everything we sell. This includes pool equipment like pumps and filters, safety covers, and our top-of-the-line spas by companies like Fantasy and Caldera.

Best of all, we don’t just offer cookie-cutter designs. Our comprehensive custom work includes tailor-made ideas for your space, tasteful upgrades and add-ons, and help with other pool projects, like landscaping, shade structures, outdoor living areas, and water features.

When it comes time for the details, we’re also happy to advise you on all the decisions that come along with a pool project. Choosing decking and coping, lighting, and paint colors can seem daunting – but we promise it’s a breeze when working alongside one of our designers.

And, because we stay on top of each year’s top pool trends, you’re guaranteed to love how your yard looks for years to come—no boring or basic designs here and nothing that will look outdated before its time.

Lansford, PA, Lehighton, PA Pool builder & maintenance services

Cleaning, Pool Closing, Pool Opening, and More

Once your build or remodel is complete, you’ll still have regular pool maintenance to consider. This includes weekly and monthly cleaning, equipment inspection, and occasional repairs.

Are you not entirely comfortable with handling chlorine and other harsh chemicals? No worries. Our team can take care of that, too.

We’ll test your water and add what it needs. And we’ll help ensure that you’re buying the proper supplies, storing the right amount, and avoiding retail price hikes.

In addition to swimming pool maintenance, you’ll also need assistance with seasonal pool closing services. This complex process is best left to a professional team, as missing any vital steps can cause extensive damage. And, any corners you cut will likely create issues during your pool opening come springtime.

Pool closing may also be practical if you’re spending time out of town or won’t get in the water for an extended time. When you’re ready to open back up, we’ll help inspect your pool or spa for problems. And, should any arise, we’ll happily remedy them.

Your parts and repairs might even be covered under warranty, depending on what’s wrong.

The Top Lehighton and Lansford Pa Pool Services

With this article as your guide, you’re ready to hire the top Lehighton, PA, Pool Builder, Skovish Pools. And there’s no time to waste. The sooner you start pool building and proper maintenance, the sooner you’ll enjoy a refreshing dip in your private backyard paradise!

Get in touch today for a free quote and to learn about our incredible swimming pool services, including design and building, routine maintenance, seasonal pool closing, and so much more! You can also stop by either of our retail locations to meet our staff and tour the showroom in person.

The Skovish Pools team has over 50 years of experience serving clients just like you in Lansford, Pa, Lehighton, Pa and beyond, and we guarantee that you will love our results.

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