Lookout For These Signs Of Failing Pool Equipment

 luzerne-residents-should-be-on-the-lookout-for=these-signs-failing-pool-equipmentSwimming pools offer fun entertainment, a great way to exercise while staying in shape, and hours upon hours of family bonding time. However, when a person makes the big decision to have their backyard oasis installed, the glitz and glam of splashing around and frolicking often cloud their judgment to other matters at hand. For instance, there is a lot of work involved in owning a pool. Owners must learn how to maintain chemical levels, scrub walls, clear debris, and always be on the lookout for things that are out of the ordinary.

Choosing not to partake in these actions can lead to a host of different problems. The water can become a hazy, greenish-yellow color, which prevents people from being able to enjoy their investment. Luckily, Luzerne residents have help closer to home than they might think. Our pool equipment services include but are not limited to…


• Lighting
• Cleaners And Heaters
• Automation
• Filters And Pumps
• Sanitation
• Parts And Accessories


Owners must keep an eye out for particular problems. After all, their pool cleaner is not at their home 24/7. Leaving some issues unchecked, until the next scheduled appointment, could result in costly pool equipment repairs, or replacements, which can put an allotted budget in a crunch quickly. Standing puddles of water around the filter, or pump housing, can indicate a hairline crack on the unit’s body. It could also be the result of busted plumbing threads or broken internal o-rings and gaskets. Regardless of what the culprit is, the pool equipment will be sucking air, and working much harder to pump the liquids. On occasion, the leak may be so substantial that water is not able to flow at all, and it can prove to be beneficial just to shut the unit down until help arrives.

Many people look at pool lighting as an aesthetic convenience, but the devices keep swimmers safe and should always be fully functional. The task of changing bulbs can be daunting for owners, but our technicians can make the entire process a breeze. In turn, Luzerne residents will gain a brightly lit pool that is perfect for night or anytime swimming.

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