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Making Your Hot Tub A Fun Social Area

Making Your Hot Tub A Fun Social Area
Making Your Hot Tub A Fun Social Area

Hot Tubs are Great For Making a Fun Social Area

While Shickshinny is the gateway to five mountains and is a great place to live when hiking is a hobby, those who do not hike are finding other ways to have fun.

Hot tub parties are the new thing in Shickshinny. We don’t live in Arizona or somewhere with outdoor pool parties all year round. In fact, we live in a mountainous region. That doesn’t mean that the fun parties have to stop. Everyone loves a hot tub and you will be the cool kids on the block with the hot tub that has all the fun amenities.

We often associate pools with summer fun for the kids but the hot tub is a more versatile backyard piece that should be considered for any fun family. Spas are ideal for all ages, especially those getting a little older. The heat and jets do wonders for circulation and joint stiffness. You can entertain friends while alleviating some of their aches and pains. 

Why Get a Hot Tub?

So you are thinking about it but you are not sure yet. Weighing the pros and cons of a decision like this is important. However, pretty much everyone loves a hot tub so now it is just about picking which one is best for you and your social settings.

Skovish Pools & Spas carries two great brands of spas, the Caldera and the Fantasy. The thing we love most about these options is the wide variety of sizes and options. You have the opportunity to decide what kind of good time you want to have in your backyard. There are sizes from 2 to 7 seats and up to 47 jets. Whatever you think up in your mind is how you can make your backyard oasis manifest.

Plenty of room to fit multiple people and how some drinks, it’s what hot tubbing is all about. We understand the Shickshinny year isn’t the warmest, which is the perfect reason to have some friends over to use the hot tub when it is cold out.

How Friends Enjoy Your Hot Tub

Trust us, the hot tub is going to get some use, making it important to provide an accessible social area and inviting setting around the spa. Not to mention the Caldera and Fantasy spas are super easy and efficient to maintain and clean. As long as you stay on top of the easy schedule your spa will always be ready to use and clean for your guests to enjoy.

Thinking about placement in your yard is always an important part of the equation. How easy is it to get to? Is it in a spot where people can avoid tracking debris into the tub? Do you have seating for those not in the tub or towel racks for easy exits?

These are things we have noticed make a big difference in how often people will use their hot tub. That dreaded walk from the spa to the house can be made easy and your guests will appreciate it. Add some fun lights and an outdoor speaker and you may not be able to get people to leave.

Start Creating Your Fun Social Area

Come visit our Shickshinny PA store, call us at our Shickshinny store, at 570-542-4281, or fill out our website online contact form with your questions. We look forward to starting your hot tub journey by bringing an incredibly fun social area to your home.

Our Shickshinny store closes for the winter so if you find you cannot reach us or we are not open yet, please stop by our Luzerne store, or call us at 570-288-1025. You can reach us with the same online contact form.

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