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Are Mold and Algae in Hot Tub Dangerous

Hot Tubs
Are Mold and Algae in Hot Tub Dangerous

What You Need To Know About Mold and Algae in a Hot Tub

Proper hot tub maintenance and care usually entirely prevent algae from forming a hot tub. However, it is not uncommon for algae to bloom and rapidly spread in a hot tube.

The CDC outlines proper hot tub care for commercial vendors. You can use these same techniques in a private capacity as well. 

Below we explain a few things regarding green hot tub water, black and white mold. and algae. We provide the answers to the question many spa owners have, “Are Mold and Algae in Hot Tub Dangerous”?

Hot Tub Algae

Identifying the type of algae you have is the first step to treating it. Hot tube algae are typically brown, green or black. 

Is algae in hot tub dangerous?

Algae is a common issue with hot tubs but is typically not dangerous to humans.

Is green hot tub water dangerous?

Green algae are one of the most common and easily treated types of algae. Green algae is a sign of metal in your water or chemical imbalance. Green algae are the fastest-growing type and algae, often blooming overnight. 

If you have green hot tub algae, use a pre-filter on your garden hose to neutralize any metallic impurities. A pre-filter removes all the instigating contaminants and makes balancing your hot tub a straightforward process. 

Is it safe to go in green hot tub water?

It is safe to go in green hot tub water. Green discoloration in hot tub water may result from algae buildup or copper impurities. If your hot tub water is green from algae, use a shock treatment or balance your pH and alkaline levels to get rid of it. If the discoloration is from copper, it is not harmful but can turn hair green. Use a shock treatment and add chlorine to get rid of the copper impurities, and if that does not work, try a pre-filter on your garden hose. 

Hot Tub Mold

Hot tub mold manifests in a variety of colors and consistencies. Two of the most common molds found in hot tubes are white, pink or black flakes. These types of mold love to grow in hot, humid, dark conditions, so your hot tub is the perfect place for them to flourish.  

Is black mold in hot tub dangerous?

Black mold is typically found on the underside of the hot tub cover, headrests and anywhere else just above the waterline. Black mold occurs from a lack of water sanitation and chemical imbalances. 

Black mold is not directly harmful to humans. It is, however, unsightly and smells unpleasant. Thoroughly scrub your hot tub cover inside and out; it is the most common place for black mold to spawn.

Is white mold in hot tub dangerous?

White mold in a hot tub is a type of fungus that grows in cool, moist and dark areas like garden hoses and plumbing. Like black mold, white mold is not inherently dangerous to humans but is a nuisance. Draining water from the tub, doing a thorough cleaning and cleaning the filters are the easiest ways to remove white mold. 

Take Action!

We hope we have answered a few of your questions regarding, “Are Mold and Algae in Hot Tub Dangerous”?

If you notice any signs of algae in your hot tub, react immediately and take some measures to eradicate it. Taking no preventative measures against algae allows it to quickly spread and contaminate the pristine water of your hot tube. 

Reach out today to Skovish Pools & Spas for more information on how to keep your hot tub pristine and clean. 

If you are looking to purchase a new hot tub we will be glad to help you find the perfect spa for your individual desires, needs and lifestyle. Come visit one of our store locations; Luzerne PA and Shickshinny PA

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