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My Dog in My Pool – Pros & Cons

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my dog in my pool is it okay or not okay

If you have a pool at home, your furry friend has probably tried to jump in along with you from time to time, but should you allow your dog to get into the water with you? Is it dangerous?

Swimming is a great exercise for dogs, especially for young puppies and older dogs who may have arthritis, and just like for humans, swimming helps to give your pet’s cardiovascular system a boost. For a dog swimming in the pool is a fantastic addition to their traditional daily walk, helping to keep them fit and healthy. However, is it really OK to allow your four-legged friend to cool down in the water with you in the summer, and is it safe for you and your dog? If you’re asking “Should I let my dog in my pool?” read on and find out everything you need to know about the pros and cons.

What About Chlorine?

Although there have been countless dog in pool videos on YouTube, one of the major concerns which dog-owners often have is whether chorine is bad for their pet. The good news for pet owners everywhere who would love to swim with their dog is that although chlorine may irritate their pooch’s nose and eyes, a few hours of swimming on a hot day won’t cause any lasting damage. It’s always a good idea to wash your pet after swimming to ensure that the chlorine does not dry out their fur and skin, and to dry them off too. You might also want to add a leave-in conditioner to stop their fur from having the natural oils stripped by the chemicals.

Does Dog Hair Clog a Pool Filter?

If your dog sheds a lot of hair, you’re probably worried about whether dog hair in pool fixtures and fittings will cause long-term damage. Whenever you can, hose your pet down before they get into the water as this will wash dirt and grime from their fur and wash off shedding fur. Even though it has been said that a single dog equates to around fifty humans in a pool, there is no cause for concern when it comes to dog hair clogging your filter. The strainer basket is designed to deal with problems like this and will do all the hard work for you, although some additional skimming may be required after the hair has settled the next day.

Will My Dog Damage My Vinyl Liner?

There have been no known stories of dogs damaging pool liners, and even if your pet is big enough to stand on the floor, their nails are unlikely to scratch the liner.

What If My Dog Drinks The Pool Water?

Dogs may be sick if they drink a lot of pool water due to the chemicals used for sanitizing. It may be hard to stop your dog from drinking the water. If they do have an upset stomach after drinking water from the pool, you can reduce the chemical level in the pool by using a mineral purifier.

Will My Dog Get An Ear Infection If They Swim In The Pool?

Swimming in the pool does increase the chance of your pet developing ear infections since even if your pool is well maintained it can still harbor bacteria and germs which can cause problems in the sensitive ear canal. To minimize the chances of infection, clean and dry your pet’s ears right after swimming, or use deodorizing ear wipes around their ear canal after swimming.

There are a number of benefits to allowing your pet to join you in the swimming pool on warm days, so if your pet wants to jump in, it’s fine to go right ahead and let them take the plunge!

We hope you have gained valuable information to help you make the decision as to your question, “My Dog In My Pool” is it okay? If you are in need of a pool builder, a spa, outdoor living features such as water and fire features, or just to set up a pool maintenance service consultation contact Skovish Pools & Spas.  We have 2 locations which you can call and visit.  One location is in Luzerne and the other is in Shickshinny, PA

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