Non-Circulating Water Can Damage Your Luzerne Swimming Pool In These Ways

Non-Circulating Water Can Damage Your Luzerne Swimming Pool In These WaysThere are a lot of different things that help keep your swimming pool water crisp and refreshing. The pump keeps the H20 circulating, while the filter grabs dirt, and chemicals maintain the perfect balance. If one of these elements fails, the water will receive a green to yellow tint, and it will obtain a rather unpleasant smell. However, this post is centering around an issue that can be even more expensive to remedy. Mother nature has been causing temperatures to drop well below freezing in Luzerne, and numerous areas across our great nation have also been dealing with the same effects.

Failing to winterize, can cause both, in-ground, and above ground pool owners grief. Pipes, hoses, and even the water inside the swimming pool can freeze. If residents have been looking into having an ice rink installed, these actions might not be bad, but for everyone else, they result in expensive repairs to get the backyard oasis functioning again. On many occasions, the sun melts the ice, and the water will begin to flow on its own without a hitch. Other instances result in pipes or vinyl liners bursting. Most of the tiles used to line in-ground swimming pool walls are treated to withstand the effects of frozen water, but as the surface water expands, it can create enough pressure to cause them to crack. The cosmetics of your pool will be affected, but failing to replace the broken component can be dangerous too. The edges will be sharp, jagged, or pointy, and when swimmers can finally get back in the water, they can sustain cuts or different injuries.

Equipment like skimmers and filter housings can also become damaged. As the ice develops, it puts increased stress on the plastic material, which leads to screw-on lids breaking free from threads or hairline cracks forming throughout the devices. If your swimming pool has not been winterized, consider dropping the water level below these units. The act will keep the pieces out of harm’s way, and hopefully, save you some hardship in the process. Whether you are in need of pool cleaning, repairs, or just want to upgrade your drab looking backyard, help is only a phone call away. For more than 30-years, we have diligently served Shickshinny and Luzerne residents. Allow us the opportunity to show you why so many people rely on our team for their swimming pool needs. We will exceed your expectations with prompt service and exceptional craftsmanship while keeping your pool in immaculate shape.

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