Out of luck

33069200 - chicago green river during saint patrick daySt. Patrick’s Day is coming March 17. If you’re thinking of throwing a little holiday soiree in your Skovish backyard spa, go ahead and sing a few rounds of “Oh, Danny Boy.” Make a batch of Guiness beer cheese dip. And dance a jig.

Just be aware that the luck of the Irish will run out when you start entertaining the idea of turning your spa’s water green for the occasion.

Yes, there are so-called safe vegetable dyes–for example, those used to turn the Chicago River green–but you’ll pay the price for a passing fancy.

Just say no for the following reasons:

  • It will upset your hot tub’s chemical balance.When you put your chlorine and pH levels out of whack, you’re asking for trouble. Bacteria infestations can occur, especially if you have a number of people sharing the tub.
  • If you worry about chlorine turning your hair green, you’ll worry even more about the lasting effects of green dye in spa water. Swimsuits, hair, skin, spa equipment and wet footprints from that mad dash to the indoor bathroom will all be green. Where do we begin? And who do you think will handle all of the post-party clean-up?
  • You could damage your spa and pool equipment. Is it really worth the risk?

A possible alternative is to turn your LED lighting to green and let it safely set the mood. Remember that Guinness beer cheese dip? Click here for the recipe!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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